Jan. 8, 2022

Got Rank #1 on Hobo CEO, Went to more rivers and waterfalls

11:11 PM

If yesterday was a fun day out, today was even better. I only got 4 hours of sleep from last night, because the car accident from last night worried me and woke me up to take some things more seriously. I signed into work early this morning and sent over my timesheets for December 2021, I honestly have waited like 2-3 months after before sending those in so I could get paid, but I sent that in "early" (early to me), today. I also worked a bit, read and answered some work emails, and yes I know today is a Saturday.

I also just got rank #1 on Hobo CEO this morning. I did use an auto clicker, so that gave me a huge advantage, but I'm sure many of the top players used an auto clicker too to get such a high score, but their strategy wasn't as optimal. Without an auto clicker, I got to rank 14 legitimately, but I was getting tired of tapping the screen over and over. I know what to do to get a higher score too this late game, so basically no matter what I can always get rank 1 back even if I am surpassed one day.

10:25 PM (of Sunday, January 9th 2022)

Anyway, AJN and I drove over to Manati again to pick up RadicallyWild and then we went to the vegan market in Old San Juan that they have every Saturday. Just looked around mostly and didn't buy much. On the drive there, the end of a rainbow spawned right in front of us and we drove by it quickly, I saw it appear right behind us in the rearview mirror as we drove away from it. Seems kind of unreal, but I just looked up photos online and was able to find photos of rainbows where the end was right on the road, so it's definitely a possible thing that can happen. Yeah I was just driving and AJN and RadicallyWild kept talking about a rainbow right there, I didn't see it, but when we drove passed it and I looked in the rearview mirror I saw it right there on the road and we apparently drove right by it or it spawned directly on top of us or in front of us.

We went down into the side of the castle into the rocks by the sea below and took a bunch of pictures, then we went to Salvation Army to get RadicallyWild some clothes. I took out all the cash from my wallet and AJN took out all the cash from hers, and our total ended up being the exact amount for the stuff RadicallyWild wanted.

After that we drove to Bori Vegan and bought food there, then drove to El Yunque back entrance that I didn't know about, and we ate under this bridge that coincidentally didn't have water going through this one side, so we ate underneath the bridge while it rained heavily. It was a nice view, best seat to eat during the rain.

AJN decided to just say in the car while RadicallyWild and I climbed up rocks and the side of these mountains to get to these waterfalls and rivers. The rocks were all damp and were very slippery and I slipped a few times. During one slip, I fell on my butt and kicked right leg forward and I kicked this rock with my middle toe and cut my nail a bit, it was uncomfortable the rest of the way and on all these photos but I dealt with it and I trimmed it when I got home.

During one of the photos, I lied down in the water to float, and my glasses fell out of my pockets. We climbed back down the mountain after that because we had to drive home quickly before it got dark.

So I drove back home without my glasses and I picked another pair up, and then dropped off RadicallyWild back in our meeting spot.

I drove back home with AJN and we went to Wal-Mart. I bought a dragon fruit there, and I ate that at home along with a mango, and these would be my last meals for the next two weeks. I am not going to be eating anything for the next two weeks except just drinking water starting tomorrow (Sunday).

This entry was a bit rushed quickly summing up everything I did, but I am very sleepy and tired as I write this the next day. Despite not eating anyhting except drinking water the whole day, I also walked outside for around two hours and did 10 push ups and 10 sit ups along with a bunch of chores, because AJN is basically making me do all this. She is doing these things with me, but it is just tiring. I am so tired and sleepy especially after Saturday of hiking around for hours and hours.

Written by JustMegawatt

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