Jan. 10, 2022

Day 2 of 14 of Water Fasting, got new license, work meeting

6:20 AM (of Tuesday, January 11th 2022)

Today is Monday, January 10th 2022 and it was a day filled with activity. AJN is staying over and we are water fasting so I can lose weight. Water fasting is when we eat nothing except just drink water. In a water fast you lose about a pound a day if you just lie down doing nothing, but we do things the whole day. She doesn't need to lose weight, but I need to, and we both realize this is one of the fastest and best ways to lose weight, so she came over to help me out with it since she has done a 40 day water fast before. We also have a schedule to walk 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night and do 10 push ups and 20 sit ups a day so we are doing things the whole time.

I discovered fasting on my own back in elementary school, in 4th grade, when I weighed 120 pounds. Yeah I was an obese kid even back in 4th grade and unlike today where I am obese but I don't look obese, I looked obese back then and got comments on it. So for a day or two back in 4th grade during "Intermission", the one or two week period breaks we get after the end of the first semester, I stopped eating for I think for a day and I lost weight really quickly, and then I put that concept away as a "secret tool" to lose weight with, but obviously my parents wouldn't let me do that for anything longer than a day, and I did it for a day in secret.

So I woke up in the morning, drank some water, did a tiny amount of work for 20 to 30 minutes but I don't remember what I did exactly, and then we walked outside for an hour. After coming back home, I took a shower, and had my 1 hour Spanish lesson. After that, I called up my insurance company because I got into an accident a few days ago and had to file a claim, they only spoke in Spanish and told me they would call me back with an English speaker, so I waited the whole day basically with my phone by my side while doing other tasks for a new call, but no one ever called. I texted the person I got into an accident with this news. I think I might just try explaining everything with a Spanish speaker tomorrow.

I did a bit of work today in the morning for about an hour. There was going to be a work meeting at around 2 PM for me, so I had to prepare a bit. AJN and I went out to look for some coconuts, because apparently coconut water is fine to drink during a water fast, although it does have calories. Drinking coconut water and eating some pink Himalayan salt are acceptable and she has been doing this for 15 years, but from my take I had the idea it was literally just water and nothing else. The coconut water is so helpful though, same with the salt, because the coconut water actually tastes sweet and all that. The pink Himalayan salt has 84 minerals and helps with water retention in case I drink and pee too much in an hour.

We went out to look for coconuts, but couldn't find any. I think we went to Costco and just bought 10 packs of these "Sprouted Oats" containers because they were so cheap and they were sprouted oats!! These foods last forever, they were only $7 for like a big pack that would last like a month if I ate some every day, and just like rice and beans kept in dry cool storage, they also should basically never expire.

We came back home and I worked a bit more, and then had my work meeting. After that we went out to some local farmer's markets for coconuts, these farmers markets are "where the locals shop", and everything there is fresh and organic and cheap and farmed locally. Although all the fruits and vegetables we came across looked amazing, we couldn't have any, we were just looking for coconuts but none of the vendors had it. On the drive to another farmer's market, because there are a lot here, this driver's license company I used called me and said I could pick up my new license, I thought they would be my insurance company but no they were the license company and so we drove there to pick it up and I now have my new license!

We stopped by another farmer's market close to there, and each coconut was like $3 which was expensive for a coconut since you can find them for cheaper in other stores. I withdrew $40 from an ATM and bought 4, and they weren't that good, they didn't have that much coconut water. We went to this place in Bayamon next that we knew would have coconuts because we went there before and they had a lot, and we also called ahead of time. They only had two though so we bought that, and they had half a gallon of coconut water in a case they were selling for $8 each, so we bought 3 gallons of those, and 2 coconuts, and that was all the remainder cash money I had left. Isn't that a cool coincidence? This is the second day in a row I used up all my cash in my wallet on a purchase because it was coincidentally all the money I needed.

After that we went back home. After an hour break or something, we went outside to walk for an hour. After that we did our 10 push ups and 20 sit ups. I normally do 100+ push ups a day prior to this, but since we weren't eating anything, that might've been exhausting and wouldn't have built me any new muscle.

I drank a lot of coconut water and got turned on for no reason and did "that" privately in my room at night, and then just watched some anime after. Yeah we can even get away with not eating food for several days and just water only, and I did a lot of things today. it is no joke that we don't need to kill and eat any animals at all, it is a very horrific act that I hope everyone stops doing some day. It is the sanest choice in the world to realize this and go vegan. I had a very busy day too filled with loads of activities, I was probably out and about walking for over 5 hours today, going to stores and visiting markets, driving out for hours, and that's after not having eaten anything except drank some water and coconut water, and I even wrote this entry, did work for hours, and did "that", so yeah there's no excuse to slitting some animal's throat to eat their corpse when it's torture to the animal and an unnecessary and inefficient food source in general.

I think I have to write something about veganism in each of my entries because people read these I hope I can convince them to spare and love all animals. I am a successful individual who has been vegan for 9 years who's life improved dramatically since becoming vegan. Both RadicallyWild and AJN are both vegan as well and they have their own stories. RadicallyWild lives off grid on his own land, has no income, farms his own food, all his furniture are items people threw away, he has no electricity or water, and he is a muscular and fit guy that can jump over 5 feet high and climb anything, because there was this wall I tried to climb that was around 5 feet or higher, and I had a hard time struggling to climb over it using my hands, and he just leaped over it from a running jump not using his hands at all. I climbed over it by swinging one of my feet over it and I just brought up my entire body that way, lying down basically.

Anyway I am extremely enjoying life right now. I have had ups and downs but right now is a great time. I have so much to do still, but that's not really a thing to complain about. I signed up for all this work and extra problems so that's on me that I have them. Things are going great.

Written by JustMegawatt

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