April 30, 2020

Habitica Challenge: Sometimes it's better to stop

Remember that time I told you guys about how chaotic and disastrous it was when I went gung-ho towards the challenges? Well, I totally regretted it. I cancelled some of the tasks. And decided to finish the others which I've found doable. I continued drawing but postponed my studies. I've been slacking behind my chores. Last night I couldn't sleep again and did some yoga position. I have lost track in time. I danced for a little while. I tried rolling around like an egg. I've sent obnoxious amount of memes to my friends. And then I fell asleep.

My body clock have become fucked up. I've checked my period calendar and realized it's ovulation week. Every morning it seems like I've been covered with 50 kilos of flour. At night it's like I've been possessed by a skater boy named Kyle who drank 3 cans of monster energy drink. I love sleeping and I hate spending time on my phone. And yet ai can't get my eyes off the screen because it's the only thing that I can manage to do. If I'll read a book, uhm well it seems like I could do it but I didn't.

Summary: I'm too lazy to do my responsibility and I know the impeding doom that it will take me.

"It maybe like that in the eyes of others and even myself. However," I said smugly with a grin plastered on my face, "I am ovulating. And it seems like it have affected my bodily function." I concluded.

There's nothing more I can add up to excuse my incompetence. But I'm in my most vulnerable cycle in the aspects of mentally, emotionally and physically this month. I would like to put this publicly to remind me of my own failure.

Written by kyverno

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Posted On May 01, 2020

I told you not to overwork yourself xD. But you did good, you saw what your limit was and you adjusted yourself. Failures are good, cause it helps you to understand what you did wrong. Habitica also says that we should not overwork ourselves and you did good to transfer some challenges to your habits or cancel them. I did it too, I have this horrible habit that I want to do lots of things and then I feel tired, and not completely rested, but not burnt out anymore. Now I chose focus on what I need to do, I got my priorities straight. Do you have to study like me? Do THAT first and then do other things. Obviously to study, since I seem to see that you are struggling, you could try doing the "Pomodoro Technique": you essentially study for 30 minutes, take a 5 minute break, other 45 minutesof studying, then another 10 minute break, ect (You should read it up thought before taking my advice). I personally don't use this cause I'm trying to find my own method right now, and it's working. And I can't sleep either. You should start by not having your face glued to your phone before going to sleep, cause screen tend to keep your mind awake. You should at least stop using any electronic devices an hour before going to bed. If you are having trouble you could also try the application "PZIZZ PZIZZ" that plays you soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. I don't personally use "PZIZZ", but I do listen to things without looking at screens and I usually fall asleep. Obviously you can do whatever you want, I'm only trying to help. And ignore my lack of smileys, read my post with good intentions, I don't mean to be mean.

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