Feb. 27, 2020




Nothing really exciting happened today. In English we worked on a radio review. I'll search for some background music and try to create a jingle. I'll have a YT channel in our rewiew and create a video every month with reviews of movies (only fictional of course). I don't know if "Sandy's golden deelys (Laura's suggestion) was the name of the channel, but i think, I'd call it "Flugiatheos" inspired by what Sindy suggested "Flutheos", but I can't take that. It sounds better but then it also sounds as if it was me but it's definitely not.

In math we corrected each others exercise. I had Gian-Lucas. He didn't have it wrong, he just forgot to write down some things. At the end he gave me a MonCheri thanking for correcting. What was that supposed to mean?? I don't drink alcohol so i won't eat it. But i didn't know what to do and no one liked it but i didn't want to disappoint him... And in my family there isn't anyone who eats that either. Sadly, but i had to throw it away...

In wif we learned so much useful today! (irony). I guess I'll have to find another way to learn it, this is just boring. But I'm sure programming would be fun if taught differently. I don't know how to work that out alone, i don't even know which language we'll be learning but i hope i can get something else then school lessons to learn, something more fun.

I've got a headache so i won't go to TK. They will either do a talent show or go sleigh riding. I would want to do the first option but I can't so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Then I'll go to bed now


Written by Plesi`

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