May 1, 2020

Hello my old baby Blog

Hello there

Today "recreating" my blog, very old blog that I made at 2007. Hosted by google, at

Actually I have domain, not used, so I used it for my blog. Here my url domain -> ("")

I spend few hour for set up the domain and looking for the right one.

I found there some error code at template from, so I am not using template from there.

Looking and looking, and remember that maybe there a template that simple like Medium site.

Then, ta da...found it, "medium-like" template made for blogger.

It's simple, nice, smooth, responsive, I love it.

Decided to used it I modify some of code, to make it a little custom. Just change some image for posts that don't have any image.

So here my blog, I think I will raise again my baby blog, I hope some day there will be a thousand posts, write by me.

Written by kangfarih

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Posted On May 06, 2020

Hey KingFarih, I am just wondering, how were you able to add clickable URLs to journal entries? It's definitely a great feature we want to add, but right now when we add a URL it just defaults to an unclickable link. How did you make it clickable?

Posted On May 07, 2020

@AYearAgoToday Actually, you are using wysiwyg editor plugin right? the editor is just a simply HTML.

I just do copy and paste to editor.

It's as simple as copy paste from google doc to this editor.

Posted On May 07, 2020

@AYearAgoToday As long it's HTML, I can edit it..

Posted On May 07, 2020

@kangfarih Interesting, did not know that. Thanks!

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