April 30, 2020

So... I'm a spaz at relaxing apparently xD

I wasn't really into the idea of listened to my lessons today, but my mind was more charged than yesterday so I wanted to give it a shot and learn stuff :) And the laptop started updating. It took up most of the morning and in the afternoon it blocked and said "We couldn't update" and then started uninstalling all the updates it did and it took up most of the afternoon xD I just gave up and dedicated myself to do.. nothing. It was so weird. It's been so long that I didn't have to do anything so while I layed on my bed I felt weird xD I have no idea when was the last time I didn't do anything and it just made me a bit angsty to do something xD Apparently I don't know how to relax o.o

So I just watched a bunch of hamster videos on youtube xD And now I'm going to meet up with my friends to continue playing our game on Don't Starve Together o.o

What do you guys do to relax :)?

Written by pinenutes

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