May 1, 2020

april gratitude

The flow of time has gotten weird. March lasted forever. April lasted, like, two days. But it was a good two days.

  1. WHOA I won the habitica challenge for taking a walk every day in March
  2. sunlight on the balcony!
  3. ALL HAIL my parents for offering to come up and bring me groceries this weekend (their county, where they're doing the shopping, has like 10 cases, while we have thousands). I <3 food security and I <3 my parents
  4. pixel art! fun stuff
  5. we got new work projects today. rip vacation 3/13/20 - 4/2/20 BUT it was a great run
  6. my Inspire display stopped working, but someone on the fitbit forums knew how to fix it. what are the odds?? thanks lex.g
  7. tfw you're in cyberspace
  8. bacon! eggs! hamburgers! pork chops! like 50 fruits! dad even found a small bag of flour!
  9. I was the top dps for titan phase 1! (on one run)
  10. going all out with my newfound food security making BACON CHEESEBURGERS for dinner
  11. gideon x harrow a gift to humanity
  12. update: insurance verification POSTPONED again to June 18
  13. finally, a proper breakfast: a mug of Milo. (this Milo has been sitting in the back of the cabinet for, like, 8 years, waiting for a time of great need. that time is now)
  14. passed the fishing exam!! I am a fishing legend forever
  15. pizza day! homemade pizza on freshly cooked flatbread for lunch, red baron pizza for dinner. fine dining (tm)
  16. relic quest solo duty was sweet. BAHAMUT
  17. sunlight on the balcony. cool and crisp, perfect for a morning walk
  18. what 500 gems gets you these days: Minerva memento + Neica memento x2 (both limited)
  19. shiny flower crown Buneary #blessed
  20. home for the weekend!!
  21. tfw you’re a beep boop
  22. saw the dish detergent was getting low and got concerned. checked under the sink and found that Past Me bought an extra bottle. good thinking, Past Me
  23. laksa!! eating like a king today
  24. ("best before 1/21/17" FAKE NEWS it was still GREAT)
  25. Past Me also impulse-bought Easter chocolate at the very beginning of March. Past Me thought he was being weird/frivolous (this was before covid was really on his radar), but actually he was a genius ahead of his time. happy Easter! *eats chocolate*
  27. also I got a 10% parse. double digits! personal best for a savage clear!
  28. HGR got Dante playing literally NGU Idle and is giving him game advice and it's kinda adorable
  29. saw this tweet ["no quarantine has all four: balcony/garden, pasta, quiet neighbors, high speed wifi"] and realized I am, in fact, living the good life
  30. further proof of my decadence: ate a mango today. also ate one yesterday.
  31. watching hgr watch a touhou normal stream is a special kind of joy. "THERE'S TWO FUCKING BULLETS" "THESE BULLETS DODGE YOU" "WHY DID SHE BOMB?????" "OH MY GOD I MISS MOOGY IF THAT'S POSSIBLE"
  32. and of course thanks to newbie for linking all these streams
  33. it's snowing!!
  34. project complete! nine business days, great turnaround time
  35. whoa remote raid passes, free daily field research, and buddies fetching gifts. pogo's coronavirus response is on point
  36. newbie cutting out the middleman by streaming touhou himself (newbie to hgr, every couple minutes: "please don't say things like that. I'm going to die")
  37. the best thing about working from home is schedule flexibility. for instance, last night, I stayed up late finishing Baldr Sky, and then I overslept to 10 am this morning. oops, but no problem: I woke up fully refreshed and got right to work and had a productive day that just started a little later than normal
  38. g i d e o n
  39. cgdq! sonic mania run was great. dude looks like lopen, does all his own commentary. flawless motormouth
  40. more snow. very festive atmosphere. I still love my balcony
  41. hgr did it, he saved the last yak
  42. walked outside on my balcony for an hour+ today, so good
  43. raid day! beat innocence EX at min ilvl, fun fight. I was the top dps!!
  44. mocha!
  45. whoa Murderbot #1-4 for free thanks
  46. even though I don't have my boilerplate stash on hand, I DO have sufficiency of the evidence boilerplate right here. aww yeah
  47. Mother of Learning COMPLETE (admittedly, the ending was kinda underwhelming. but it feels good to have it COMPLETE. also lmao my goodreads monthly stats)
  48. Paladin's Grace: easy reading for a scattered mind
  49. my roommate saved the last box of spaghetti for me! it's garlic butter spaghetti night
  50. it's FRIDAY and I have MOCHA life is good
  51. groceries ordered online. TAKING CONTROL OF MY DESTINY [delete this if groceries do not arrive due to circumstances beyond my control]
  52. abra community day results: eight shinies on main, six for my alt (plus a bonus nidoran (f)). bumper crop
  53. hgr streaming RE4 fun times
  54. Hades EX. everything about this fight is so good. Shadowbringers theme hype. Emet-Selch summoning his friends! the final phase in the skies above Amaurot!
  55. hgr is a QTE GOD
  56. fried catfish with sweet chili sauce
  57. grocery bonanza!!
  58. buddy gifts are here. finally the egg shortage of 2020 is over
  59. chatting with hgr about sufficiency of the evidence (is any evidence ever truly sufficient?) (not if you're hgr)
  60. walking on my balcony in the pouring rain (but not IN the rain). very relaxing. the red-blossom tree is starting to sprout leaves
  61. blockbuster journal month: 3 full-length book reviews plus some minis; 13 other full-length journal entries; 6 white stones and a whole bunch of balcony log entries; and my daily gratitude journal

Written by Achaius

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Posted On May 01, 2020

So many positives, such a nice read :)

Posted On May 02, 2020

@Cayst This is why I love keeping a gratitude journal, it's cool to see it all at once!

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