May 1, 2020


I slept for four hours. Remained awake till 6 a.m. and finally fainted, only to wake up at around 10 a.m. The pc updated again today and failed again. So for the first time after so long I sketched out a small drawing. There's a "challenge" over on deviantart ( that I want to partecipate in. Not to win, but for the badge. I have this own personal challenge where I would like to earn all the badges of DA this year. So far, so good. I have the Valentine one (though I don't celebrate Valentines Day. Like it's cool if you guys do, it just that personally I find it to be a sad "holiday". Also I always forget that it's Valentines day and all my friends complain that I'm spending the day with them instead of my boyfriend. But he agrees with me. At least for this holiday.), and the weird April Fool's badge and now there's the current one that is promoting support during this crisis.

I also started a "30 Day Art Challenge" with my sister and close friend where everyday we're going to have to draw fruits ( Today is watermelon day, go check out my friends version ( I haven't started it yet, later tonight I will do it post it on instagram if I have the time.

That's it.

Written by pinenutes

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