Feb. 27, 2020

tests and meetings

What's about today? Well, I feel sleepy. Because teachers gave us a lot of homework. So, it was a lection about proforientation instead of chemistry and it was funny. Especially when I realized that I wasn't born to be a lawyer :D

Also I feel kind of lonely. almost all my classmates are in relationships and I can't help but be jealous of that.

There was an online test in English class. I've got 1st place among others! I wish I had a 10, not just 6.8.

my mom came to the parents meeting and she told that our main teacher was speaking about good things i've did ALMOST ALL THE TIME. other parents are maybe jealous

it's few days before my bday and i'm so excited and nervous! i hope that i'll bring a new start when i'll be 17

Written by awesomeierusalim

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