Jan. 29, 2022

now fall

welp welp welp roommate had his eye checkup and his left eye pressure is up to 39. That’s shockingly high and worse than it’s ever been. A visual field test shows his vision has deteriorated since last summer. No idea what went wrong, he’s been taking his eyedrops just like usual, I guess they just stopped working??

Regardless, he’s already on all the eyedrops that modern medicine has to offer. There’s a pill he can take, but it has bad side effects (fatigue, tingling in extremities, reduced appetite [okay this one isn’t so bad], reduced potassium uptake) and isn’t a long-term solution. The doctor recommends surgery (a “tube shunt”).

He got a consultation with an eye surgeon next week. For real though, why is everything such a disaster—he had the whole chest pain incident last April, his kidneys are apparently leaking protein(??), he just had his wisdom teeth extracted, and now this. He was supposed to be better now, dammit.

“My body is falling apart,” he said. “OW”

Written by Achaius

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