Jan. 31, 2022

pandemonium recap episode

Dante’s away this weekend on a business trip, so GANON is subbing again. We spent Saturday’s session redoing P1S (this took surprisingly long) and P2S (we hit enrage twice but didn’t clear). For P1S, GANON kept being out of position on Fourfold Shackles because he couldn’t find his debuff. Eventually numbers deduced that his UI settings were set not to display debuffs. A master troubleshooting job.

Sunday’s session was mostly spent on P2S. It was a mess. We had major issues with arrows 2 (positioning protip: you cannot fit three spreads on the same line) and arrows 3 (I’m not even sure what went wrong here, everyone just kept dying). Healer LB3 saw a lot of use. We hit enrages at 8%, 4%, and 0.7% before finally clearing with 10-15 seconds to spare. On the one hand, it was nice to get a definitive win against the hippo, instead of last week’s mutual kill where ACT recorded us taking 10 million damage from the enrage. On the other hand, it kinda sucked spending all but half an hour of our weekly raid time on old content.

Anyway, on to the phoinix! (lmao Word autocorrects that to “phoenix”) (KJH: “I’m excited for a bunch of callbacks to a fight I’ve never done”) We didn’t get far, but we’ve conceptually figured out what to do with the darkfires, and we’ve technically progged to the add phase.


Parse zone: I parsed 41% on P1S! My first green parse! It’s probably a gear thing; after last week’s raid I got my tomestone weapon. The hippo dropped a discal tomestone, and everyone agreed I should get it because I was behind on my weekly swords. So I’m technically ahead of the damage curve. (Also, an update on the hot damage rivalry between newbie and GANON: newbie got 6026 raw dps with a 46% parse. GANON got 6019 raw dps with a 3% parse. SEVEN DPS goooo newbie)

For P2S, I got 24%. I didn’t feel like I did that much worse than P1S, but maybe it’s just a higher caliber of player who can beat the hippo. Next week everyone else gets their tomestone weapons and I assume my percentile will plummet, so I’m just going to enjoy being green/near-green while I can.

Written by Achaius

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