Feb. 1, 2022

the pressure is off

Last Friday, I walked down to the local Walgreens to pick up my roommate's prescription. It was a half-hour walk away—a good workout and a good excuse to check out a new part of town. I didn’t encounter any other pedestrians. The sidewalks were mostly nonexistent or not shoveled, so I either trekked through snow or on the side of the road. smh car culture. It makes me appreciate downtown, where it’s understood that people walk and the sidewalks are kept impeccably clear.

Honestly, it’s kind of bizarre how few people I encounter on my daily walks. Even on weekend mornings, the residential neighborhoods are nearly deserted (except for the occasional car). At the very least, shouldn’t there be people walking their dogs? Or kids playing in the snow? Maybe it’s a night owl neighborhood and 10:30 am is just too early for all of them?

In any case, he hasn’t noticed any side effects from the new meds. Even better, they seem to be working. At today’s consultation with the eye surgeon, his pressures were way down. So the situation is no longer urgent. The surgeon is concerned about the deterioration in his vision, but she says the visual field test can have inconsistent results, and she wants him to return in early March to take another test. If that test confirms a reduction in vision, she would still recommend surgery.

After the appointment, we had breakfast at the local cafe: two sausage and egg biscuits for him and a frozen caramel mocha for me. The cafe guy gave us a small bonus mocha (“I had extra,” he said) so I gave it to roommate and he enjoyed it.

Written by Achaius

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