May 1, 2020

Bicycled Around Again

21:40 (of Saturday, May 2nd 2020)

Today is the first day of May and I bicycled around some new areas I hadn't been to before. Well, before all of that, I had some work I did at home. I only started cycling at around 5:30 PM right after I finished the last task I was working on for work. It was an excellent day to go out biking, the sun was out but it was cool, it wasn't warm which it sucks to bicycle in.

First I went around the neighborhood doing some right turns. They're so hard for me to do and so I just try and do them when I can. Next I went down this one tunnel, and instead of making a right turn which I normally do, I went left. I've been down this path several times while walking or running, but since I got my bike I had never gone down this. There is this one dangerous spot where there's this massive pothole on the path, luckily I was able to avoid it even as another cycling was going the opposite way in this narrow path.

I encountered so many people across this path, at least like 50 people or something like that. There were so many people out and about

Written by JustMegawatt

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