May 3, 2020

bunny break

HGR's latest game (also bankrolled by newbie) is Rabi-Ribi, a danmaku metroidvania with bunnygirls. HGR naturally took it upon himself to sequence break the game as much as possible. He ignored plot objectives to explore new areas and fight bosses for which he was massively underleveled. He used cool movement tricks to get himself into areas for which he lacked the expected movement abilities, and, on one occasion, got himself stuck in an advanced area for over an hour. (Eventually, he escaped by wall jumping. He didn't yet have the wall jump ability, but he discovered that if you face away from a wall, then jump into it, you can execute a wall jump without the ability. No, this makes no sense.) He gleefully broke plot flags and managed to skip straight from chapter 6 to chapter 8.

Unsurprisingly, his cutscenes are all out of order now. This afternoon, we were watching him stream while a scientist bunnygirl with no pants explained the solution to "the mystery" which was never actually introduced.

"Your first problem," said Dante, "is you're reading the plot of a bunnygirl game. Your second problem is you're reading it out of order."

newbie, our resident Japanese expert, chimed in: "I don't think it's translated very well."

"That's the third problem," said Dante firmly. "The first problem is reading the plot of a bunnygirl game."

Then I left to make dinner (potato blob! sadly we're out of mushrooms and shrimp, but I compensated with double beef). When I got back, HGR was all "okay, time to fight the succubus" and I was like oh, of course there's a succubus.

It looks like a fun game, honestly. I might try it once he's done. (I don't always play bunnygirl games, but when I do, I do it for the gameplay.) (for real tho) It'll probably be a while though. There's an extensive postgame, lots of collectibles, and two additional difficulty levels that unlock after beating the game.

Written by Achaius

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