May 3, 2020


I'm excited and scared at the same time. Today is tecnically the last day where we are forced into quarantine. Tomorrow is the day that we can start going out. But at the same time, my gosh darn government didn't type out WHO can go out, WHAT you should do now, WHERE you can go and WHO can you go meet and greet xD

I'm excited 'cause I'm going to see my boyfriend, I need a break from god damn chores xD I'm freaking out cause what if at the last minute they go "Nah, jk, stay at home" xD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH XD

Also cause researching apparently people can only meet their relatives and only if necessary xD Does me going to see my boyfriend count as a necessity? Like for me it is, but what if it's not enough for the government xD I'm freaking out here xD

Today I studied and I CLEANED sinks xD The tube in the ktchen sink was clogged and today was the DAY THAT I WAS DETERMINED TO UNCLOG IT! I did, I was so happy and satisfied :3 And also disgusted, because holy smokes, that was kind of a slimey tube xD EEEEW XD Luckily the sink in "my" bathroom was much easier to clean, so that took like 15 minutes and all I had to do was throw how water and then cold water and 50g of MR MUUUSCLEEE :D Is that even how it's called in english xD? MUUSCLES !

And Imma go to sleep soon, so I can try waking up early to study before I run to maaah boyyfriendsss xD Well, tomorrow we shall see if I can see him or not xD YAAAA :D Maybe I should calm down and not get too excited so that way I won't be disappointed after xD Goodnight :D

Written by pinenutes

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