May 4, 2020




12:01: Now I should be adult but I don't even know how to handle a telephone correctly... I was calling the bank again for the registration thing. But the same happened as last time, it ended up making a tut-tut sound. Now I realized why (I asked my father what happens if...). I didn't type in a 0 at the beginning. I though I could just leave the +49 and just call the rest. Nope, I have to substitute the +49 with a 0. So that's why I never reached anyone. Now I did, but the person i wanted to talk to isn't there so she'll call back. Srangely, the call ended like mid-sentence nearly. The last thing I heard was something like "with the number you're currently calling at, am besten"? And it suddenly hang up... Watever happened. Then I'll be patiently waitng the day. I finally want to be able to do online banking. Then I can finally send the "Kollekte". Also.. I don't know. I just want to be able to do stuff, I guess.

12:48: YESS!! The one from the bank called back (she's so friendly). Now the registration thing is done. Hach... Now I can finally do stuff. But yes, it was so confusing. I wouldn't recommend anypony to do that alone. It just sent a number I had to type in like every step it felt. And I hope I don't forget for what I set up this number thingie. I don't know what it's called exactly or how I should call it...

13:23: My first whatever-it's-called is done :) But I had to change the name, as it was called "Sichteinlagen". Hey, Sichteinlagen has just sent you money.

And I browed through the Sparkassen-map and looked for my dads house. There's just one near his home. But he lives at a good spot, there's a Lidl, an Apotheke and other shops. Although those are not that exciting, it's still nice. I bought a polarfox plushie last year when I was there :)

15:34: The Orca book arrived today and my sister is happy. But she has to do school work.

I got an office account from school for school today. It's a bit confusing to me to use. But they want it that way.

But I don't feel that good. One one way, I feel fine. But then there is still this little headache-like feeling with my neck involved this time somehow.

I tried to set up my bank account to paypal. They said they sent me 0,01 with a registration code thing. I thought it'd take just a few seconds. I mean, they advertise fast payment things. Well...

Also, on the Switch there is this game to pre-order which is released in three says or so. There you are a fox and need to solve riddles. The graphics are so nice and I love foxes. You save 20% if you pre-order. I don't have a switch but maybe my sister let's me buy that on hers. It is connected with my account then. But I don't know if she can play it if it's a single player game. But maybe it has several save slots. Then she sure can have one.

Just it feels so expensive. It's like i wait and wait and save and don't buy stuff and my account still looks empty. So it's like doing an investment and it's more empty then. I'll ask her. But first this pay-pal set up thing has to work. And then I need to ask my mom as she already did that on her switch lite.

19:25: Am playing with Lilly and Sindy right now. The headache is strange. I'll get a little bit of stuff done and then go to bed.


Written by Plesi`

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