Feb. 17, 2022

of snow and goofuses

Fifty-one degrees yesterday, snowstorm today. That’s just how it goes.

I left for an early morning walk (9:45, basically the earliest I’ll voluntarily leave the house) to beat the storm. I went to the cafe and got a turtle mocha for myself and a couple of sausage and egg biscuits for my roommate.

Our condo association’s snow clearing is awful, which is disappointing, since it’s part of our monthly dues. They shovel the walkways exactly once after a heavy snowfall, and that’s it. No salt. If snow blows back onto the sidewalk (like it did last time, a several-inch-high drift), nothing is done. If melting and refreezing covers the sidewalk in a thick ice glaze, nothing is done. Same goes for the roads. The way to the trash dumpster was basically a solid sheet of ice for weeks.

In any case, I had a grocery delivery scheduled for 11 am, before the snow started. The delivery guy drove up and started unloading bags from the boot. None of them were mine. Apparently he gave my groceries to the previous customer OOPS. (Goofus zone: him, giving out the wrong groceries, and the previous customer, accepting them without checking. Or maybe my groceries were worth more than the stuff he ordered and he decided to quietly cash in. Enjoy the steak!) In any case, I contacted Walmart support, who contacted the store, who was supposed to call me about rescheduling the delivery for the afternoon. They didn’t, and now we’re snowed in. Rude. Guess I’ll cancel the order tomorrow and re-place it for Monday.


update (2/18): Got a call from Walmart this morning. They said “oop sry you’ll have to cancel your order and place a new one” which is what I was going to do anyway, but it’s nice to have official confirmation, I suppose.

Also I went outside for my daily walk and found 1-2 inches of fresh snowfall, tops. This was the vaunted snowstorm? Pfft. (But it does make walking around the subdivision hazardous, because a fine dusting of snow has covered the patches of ice, making them impossible to spot.)

Written by Achaius

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