May 5, 2020

2020/05/05 - a bit of tidying up



10:11: It was such a... bad night. The headache was getting worse throughout it. Somewhere around 1 - 2 am I took medicine and prayed. Actually, I cried. I don't know when, but later they were gone and I was soo relieved. I can't thank enough.

Now I need to do school work. We got six files yesterday for GES.

19:04: I've tidied the surface of the cupboard and my desk, because my little brother had discovered my chest again. The Problem is, he would never get it opened as it's locked and he'd shake it there and there is a fragile piggy bank - or rather Nessie bank - in it. So I put that on the cupboard, probably the only place in my room he can't access. And maybe I'll finally work on my desk now. My mother said it could be that I have had a headache because of my sitting position. Here I'll not be tempted to set to it. I hope. And I'll prepare the gift for my dad. I had bought a watermelon-shaped piggy bank because it totally reminds me of him. I wanted to give it to him but it seems we won't see him this year. So I'll send it per post, even if it's too expensive for me. Then I'll make a card or someting for him.

We got the English correction, but only half of it as we'll have to correct the content ourself tomorrow. But once thing I got wrong: I though Bernard was a tennis player as they mentioned Tennis rackets and court there. Nope, he's a lawyer and Tennis probably is only a hobby. Silly me 😂

23:05: how did it get this late again. I've re-decorated the mirror and wrote a letter for my dad. I listened to the radio and there was one preach which... It was so strange and would Change everything. If what he said was really true, then what should i do? If women really weren't designed to lead or teach,i... I want to be a pastor and teach the word of God... If not i had to go doung accountant stuff i guess. It's interesting but just not for me. I couldn't do that all my life! He also said Something with headscarfs i think. I talked with my mom and she said that's because it was normal back then but can't be applied to today. And there was a text saying the word Angelos could mean angel or "Bote" and it's unclear what he meant and if he meant the second (i'd say) then that would Support the argument It's because of their normal. It's so hard for me, the bible there is so foreign to me right now. I want to do God's way and this just feels totally off, i just can't accept it. I don't want to just lead but to serve.

Mom said i should write to our pastor about it.

Tomorrow I'll do that and write postcards. :)


Written by Plesi`

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