May 5, 2020

Relatively unproductive day (Habitica challenge)

Since quarantine has started, I’ve definitely began to procrastinate/slack off even more than I would usually, and my sleep schedule has been totally ruined. Even though it’s technically the 5th, I’m mainly journaling about the 4th since I didn’t join this until today.

I got out of bed at 1 pm, like I do most days, and go to eat lunch. I think my mom assumes that I wake up earlier and actually do schoolwork in the morning before coming down to eat, and I’ll let her keep believing that until I actually get my life together haha.

Several days ago, I had decided to try and spend less time on my phone and deleted apps that were a huge distraction like YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat, etc. I didn’t delete Instagram though since that is my main way to communicate with my friends, but that led to me still spending an absurd amount of time on it. Unfortunately, I basically relapsed a day or two ago and downloaded YouTube again and spent most of today watching YouTube, scrolling through Instagram, and playing other games on my phone like Words with Friends, which I recently downloaded. I’m going to try to delete YouTube again so I’m not tempted, but instead of just completely restricting myself from it, I’ll give myself some time to watch at the end of the week as a reward if I’m productive.

I didn’t really start doing anything until it was evening, and even then, I didn’t accomplish much. However, I spent most of the night planning out the week and really trying to commit to my goals and tasks. I’ve also joined many challenges on Habitica, which I find to be motivating and great to start to join in on this community :) I had Habitica several years ago but never really joined any challenges and stopped using it a few years ago, but this February, I redownloaded it (and made a new account), and I’m really glad I did. Although I didn’t do much today, I’m still happy that I’ve decided to put in the effort to try and improve myself. I hope I’m not putting too much on my plate and end up overworking myself with all these challenges 😅

I’ve stayed up all night basically (it’s 5:20 am while I write this), but I don’t know if I’ll actually commit to staying awake the whole day or end up falling asleep at 6 or 7 and waking up in the afternoon. I hope it’s not the latter because waking up late is what ends up throwing me off the entire day and leads to me being unproductive. If I do stay awake the whole day, I hope I’m not too tired. Wish I had coffee or something caffeinated to drink :P My sleep schedule during school would be going to sleep anywhere between 1-3 am and waking up at 6:30 am, but now my sleep schedule is going to sleep anywhere between 4-7 am and waking up at 11am-2pm. Really need to fix this bad habit.

Anyways, this ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated. It’s my first time journaling, and I quite enjoy it. It’s nice to just write about the day and my thoughts and feelings and just write it out (especially as someone who is usually pretty reserved to others and end up just keeping everything pent up inside). Maybe I’ll go to sleep. Maybe I’ll play some more Words with Friends lol who knows.

Written by ducknut

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Posted On May 05, 2020

I think now is really the best time to "get a hold" of your life if that's what you're going for, as the general pace of life has slowed down.

I stay up pretty late too, and I only get a few hours of sleep a night. I fell asleep at 2:30 AM last night and the night before, both days I woke up at almost exactly 7 AM. One of the things I'm working on fixing too.

Posted On May 06, 2020

@JustMegawatt I agree, although the pandemic has been stressful and a downer, it has presented itself as an opportunity for me to take the time to work on self improvement. Hopefully we'll be able to fix our sleep schedules soon! Although I'm staying up late again (oops), I plan to go to bed and wake up at reasonable times tomorrow :)

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