Feb. 21, 2022

President's Day, Got a CTO Listing, Electricity Died, Renewed Habitica Challenges, lots of stuff

10:57 PM

WOW. If I don't write my journal entry for today right now, I'm not going to be able to remember everything I did today. Today was a day filled with so much activity. It is surprising because most of my days aren't like this. I have many up and down days, although my "down days" are really just me experiencing too much pleasure and enjoyment and then being upset with myself for not doing anything better with my time. I don't think I've had any serious down days in a while actually, not since my breakup with my ex, and I've come a long way since then, improving my life in many aspects.

Anyway, I woke up at around 8 AM or so today. The first thing I did was I checked my phone I guess. Last night I wrote about how I would send some of my matches some messages before going to sleep, and that's what I did. last night I matched with the founder of VegPal and I received some new messages from her this morning. I don't think anyone else replied, but AJN also sent me a random message and photo today too. I just replied to both of them.

I also got a message from AM of Casa Vegana de la Comunidad, he asked me about a week or two ago if he could upload the photo of him and I together while I was giving him a donation check back in December when my parents were here and they took a picture of us. The phone took way too high quality of a photo and the check could actually be read if you zoomed in, so I told him I was going to blur the check first, I told him this last week and he reminded me today about it. So I just downloaded some photo blurring software from the app store, I tried about 3 of them out, the best one was Photo Mosaic Pro which was completely free and let me blur the check properly, then I sent him the image.

After that, I logged onto Facebook. A high school classmate of mine that I had a crush on and asked out once in 10th grade invited me to donate to her fundraiser for animal welfare. She wanted to raise $2000, and I basically tossed a coin whether I would donate $500 or $1000, and fate told me to donate $500, so I donated $500 or I tried to. FaceBook has pretty much banned me from donating and I'm not sure why. Their help topics give no explanation and no one else in the entire world as far as I'm aware has the same issue, because I've searched online and no one else has ever posted about it. I can only donate 50 Euro per donation, and I can only donate 150 Euro per month, and I don't know why the errors say they limited me in Euro either since I use US dollars.

There was one day last year in which I donated like $2800 or something like that to a few vegan causes on Facebook. I think my credit card or something wasn't verified or they ran into some other issue, but after that day even if I wanted to donate a lot, Facebook wouldn't let me, and they never gave me any warnings or explanation. So I donated $150, in $50 sessions each. I could have donated up to $56.63 dollars each session because that's the conversion rate from 50 Euros, but I didn't bother with that. Then I sent this classmate a message telling her I wanted to donate $500 but it only let me donate $150. Anyway she gave me her venmo and paypal and I sent her the remaining $350 to donate.

She's pretty cool and someone living the dream life I would say. She is fit, vegan, she runs marathons and looks great in a bikini and she has a published book. I'm not sure what work she does though because no one really posts about what they do on Facebook. The reason I had a crush on her back in high school was she was super lucky. I remember she won a few different luck related contests or lotteries or something like that, and for some reason I really liked that. I was way into luck even back then. I also won some random luck stuff in high school too like I won a $50 Best Buy gift card in a random raffle draw of students having perfect attendance or something like that.

For not luck related, I won probably the most votes in the 11th grade student government council out of 16 people that ran for office because I rapped for my speech instead of just giving out a regular speech. It means nothing now, but it was the biggest accomplishment of my life back then. I miss those days. I'm an adult now, no longer a kid. I have adult responsibilities and have to act like an adult. I can still be pretty immature, like I love being immature, but I can't really be immature when I'm speaking to other adults anymore. It's all serious talk.

Afterwards I logged into my work computer and saw that today was a federal holiday. Of course I could work today if I wanted to, but if my clients weren't working, I thought I might as well take the day off too. So that's what I resolved to do, to take the day off.

Then I logged into Habitica and renewed the Habitica challenges. Yay! I get some thank you messages every now and then and questions and comments related to the challenges every now and then too. I like doing the challenges, it just takes some time to do, like an hour probably of manual effort. I can program something to automate it, but I haven't gotten around to it. Literally like 1 or 2 minutes after finishing recreating the Habitica challenges, my electricity died again.

Yeah, everything just turned off. I had no Internet and no electricity, right after renewing the Habitia challenges. What kind of luck and turn of fate was that? I didn't know what to think of it.

I went outside to check my mail, and it was super hot outside. When I got back in I was sweating a little, so I took a cold shower just to feel cooler.

Anyway on VegPal last night I matched with the founder of the company and creator of the app. She's a bit older than me and was running the business all by herself. She's really ambitious too, far more ambitious than me. Since I told her I was a software developer, she asked if I was interested in working for her company. I was doing this all on cellular data because I had no wi-fi because my Internet died, but she gave me the details and I told her a bit about my experience, she sent me the job description for a CTO of her company and asked if I was interested. It wasn't a job offer of course, but if I was interested I think I would've had a good chance at getting the job.

The only thing is that I already run my own business. So I kind of thought about this situation for hours. I didn't reply to her email right away, but I started brainstorming some ideas of how we could make this work.

While thinking about the whole thing, I went out to get some vegan sushi, and I stopped by this gas station to get some gas. Here you can't just scan a card and refill your car with gas like in the States, you have to physically walk into the gas station building and then tell them how much gas you want and at which pump number. So I got out of my car to do just that, but some guy standing by his truck saw me heading towards the building and yelled out at me that the attendant wouldn't be back for 10 minutes, in Spanish. I think the only thing I understood there if I am being honest, was "por diez minutos" and I just concluded based on the context it meant the gas attendant was out for the next 10 minutes.

So I locked my car doors and I went outside to walk. So I this gas station is in front of this 7th Day Adventist church, except all the signs are in Spanish and even the "7th Day Adventist" part is in Spanish but I forgot how to say that. Anyway they're pretty famous for being a vegetarian/vegan Christian sect, so I go into their compound and they have a church, a large school, some other buildings, and a Health Food Store. If there was a religion I wanted to join, it would for sure be the 7th Day Adventists, who have the longest living population in the United States.

Anyway I go to their health food store and I felt like I was in heaven. This was like a 4 minute drive from my home, so it was extremely close by. No wait, it's probably more like a 6 minute drive, it's actually quite further than I thought, but still close. Everything there was plant based obviously and I bought a bunch of stuff. It's a very religious store and they had crosses, religious charms, and religious books, everything in Spanish.

Afterwards I walk back to my car and everyone is gone, and there was a big gas truck refilling the gas instead. Before I left, all of the car stations were filled with people just standing there waiting, now I was the only one. Anyway I put the bag of stuff I bought into my car, and I go into the gas station building, paid the attendant for some gas, and refilled my gas.

Then I drove over to the Asian market store and ordered myself some vegan sushi and an acai bubble tea. I also went to Fresh Mart and I bought 3 bags of Vegan Robb's chips and a salad. These are the cheapest chips on the entire island at $2.79 or something like that for a big bag, so they were pretty much a steal. All other chips are $4 probably. I can't wait to see U.S. State prices at Aldi's again and compare those prices to the prices here. Everything here is way more expensive.

So I go home and I enjoy these foods, and after eating, I reply to Vegpal's founder's messages. I think I should give her a nickname now because that's quite long to type. How about Lia? Anyway I message Lia, I ask her questions about her company and I had this idea about maybe having her become the CEO of Stealth Launch. What if Stealth Launch acquired VegPal and she became the CEO of Stealth Launch and I would be the CTO she bosses around? She is far more ambitious, probably way more competent and knows more of what she's doing business related than I am. And I really don't like running a company all by myself, it's seriously a lot of work, so it would be really nice to have someone else take over.

Also I had this idea, because she says she's interested in dating me too. Like what if we lived together and dated and just ran the company together? Wouldn't that be cool? It would simplify everything. I thought that was a cool idea. I think she says it's nice idea too. It might happen! Anyway we talk a bit throughout the night.

I got one new match on Veggly today and she lives nearby me and we might hang out probably, maybe get some food and watch a movie. I am picking up my dad tomorrow so I can't really invite anyone over anymore, not that I did much of that anyway.

Anyway that was my entire day. Literally from beginning to end. I don't know how 16 or so hours can go by so quickly, but that's really all that happened to me today. I am so tired and sleepy. I am really tired. I would love to be able to just cuddle with someone right now, but I can't because I'm alone. Anyway I am sleepy. It took me nearly two hours to write this. It is 12:45 AM right now of the next day. So much for sleeping early.

Written by JustMegawatt

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