Feb. 28, 2022

Worked All Day Today

9:27 PM

Today has been pretty tiring. I have done nothing but basically work the entire day today. Whew. It wouldn't be so bad if the work wasn't a little frustrating. I wrote code in one server and connected to another server to test it, so I had to copy stuff over to my desktop, disconnect from one server's VPN, reconnect to another VPN to connect to the other server, and then push updates there, test, then disconnect, reconnect, etc, over and over. It's so frustrating. There's some issues with the current server I'm working with which is why I had to do these things, but yeah, it was very annoying.

I got pretty much everything done, but I didn't finish everything. It got very tiring after like 12 hours of working. Yeah, I didn't do anything else during that time, and the time still went by fast. I didn't watch any videos, didn't listen to any music, didn't even go outside to walk or anything. I did talk to a few people briefly, and I did take a 30 minute nap at around 3 PM, but those were all the breaks I got.

I was supposed to have a meeting with my tax attorney at 5:45 PM today, but he scheduled it a bit earlier at 5:30 PM. I just had questions and concerns about tax stuff related to VegPal. My questions didn't get answered today, but we set up another meeting at around 10:30 AM tomorrow. All this is Atlantic Standard Time (AST) and it's 1 hour ahead of EST.

At around 7 PM, my dad and I went to Costco and bought some veggie patties, avocados, mangoes, and seaweed. Honestly we should be buying the fruits here locally from the various fruit vendors everywhere, but my dad doesn't know about those and it was already really late at night, he just wanted to go to Costco to get these foods.

At home he prepared these foods and I ate them. I then just browsed the Internet for a bit. I need to study and learn Flutter and Dart for VegPal so I need to do that. I'm gonna buy a course on that right now on Udemy so I can learn and practice. I'm really glad Lia is bringing me onboard to help her out. I'll do the best that I can.

6:02 AM (of Tuesday, March 1st 2022)

Yeah so that's what ended up happening, I bought a Flutter and Dart course on Udemy and then started doing it. I did it for about an hour and then did some other random things then went to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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