May 5, 2020

Mostly Caught up on Finances and Bicycled

19:56 (of Wednesday, May 6th 2020)

I'm almost caught up on my finances today. I just like to keep track of where my money is going and if I'll have enough of it. I write down the things I buy in a ledger and make sure that my accounts are properly balanced. It's been several months since I last wrote down anything, and it's been a pain looking through old purchases and recording them. It took me several hours to do this, but I'm mostly caught up now. It was so painful and boring to work through. It's not fun and I still have a small amount to go through.

During lunch I went out and bicycled. Yeah, I just went around having fun, practicing turns. It was a blast. The park I frequent was not empty during lunchtime, there were a lot of people there just going around. I was able to do some turns today that a week ago I would have said were impossible. There's actually already a word (or phrase?) for how well a person can turn and handle their bike, it's called bike handling. There's some guides online on how to improve bike handling, and apparently it's something not everyone is good at at the start. I just thought I sucked. Seriously some of these turns are so frightening to do, it just feels like you are going to fall off your bike, but I'm getting there.

I did a good amount of work at work today. It wasn't that difficult, just work.

I bicycled again after work was done and went around the same places. It was fun, cycling is fun. I don't want to become a professional cyclist, it's really just a fun activity and hobby for me. I did start watching some Lance Armstrong videos and reading cycling related content. It's all interesting. It's a really expensive hobby though, a lot of bikes are now $1000+, with people actually buying $10,000+ bikes. That's ridiculous. My bike was only $500 which I bought in 2013, and I thought that was a lot. I paid $211 to have it tuned up and fixed though after not riding it for years. I like this bike, but I sometimes wonder what it feels like to ride on something that's $10,000.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On May 07, 2020

Oh man, I went on my bike for the first time this year (finally nice enough out where I live) and I'm such a weenie when it comes to turns! I brake to an unbearably slow speed because I'm scared I'll fall off if I go too fast and my boyfriend just whips around the turns. And he was on roller blades, which is even scarier to me! I'm glad you're enjoying biking! Makes me want to do more of it!

Posted On May 07, 2020

@Cayst Now you know how I feel when I told you it was hard and scary making turns XD How were you able to ride your bike again if you have not ridden it in a while?

I actually go through turns pretty fast now. Two weeks ago, I could not even make a right turn at all. Like I had to get off the bike, lift it up, rotate the bike, and then go forward. Now I'm a pro at wide right turns, I can do a wide right U-Turn now. By a wide U turn, I mean the width of two lanes on the road, a narrow one would be half a lane which I can do if it's a left turn.

I went to D.C. this weekend and recorded some video footage just biking around, cyclists own the streets there. I was going to tag you in that next video, but I ended up not uploading anything because the footage was so shaky that it's hard to watch.

Posted On May 07, 2020

@JustMegawatt I didn't have any problems biking besides making my very slow turns, but my tush certainly hurts from it XD But I'll get used to the saddle again in time! And awesome, that's a great improvement!

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