May 7, 2020




09:39: Already Thursday. The morning was strange (again). Yesterday was actually a fine day until evening, then I got a bit of a headache. Then I went to sleep and there it increased. In the morning, I didn't feel well (the feeling of having to vomit) and had a headache. I prayed a nd soon got medicine. Then I sort of slept half an hour but it wasn't litterally sleeping just... idk. Then I had to go to the bathroom to vomit but then everything was better. Although it tastes not good, but that went buy much quicker than my experience and didn't burn as much as I know it.

Today is the release of the fox game (yay), but my goal is not to play too long.

17:59: Finished Spanish and then I could finally play the fox game :)

It's interesting, even though there is really no text at all. But it seems I missed the person+wand from the second chapter or first one idk because I went further and there was no return. And now I couldn't find the person so I'm running around with a wand.

And now is TK, so...

I had started a daily puzzle on the app and the tiles look the same.... All have this besh light brownish colour...

20:02: We played this quiz game with categories and points. The 100 point task in Sport was to get a daisy. I've got about 10 reasons why I can't do that. Yep, we lost that one because of me.

1. We live on the third floor

2. The doors are loud

3. My little brothers room is next to the stair thing

4. He will get exited if he hears me (He has good ears) and won't sleep

5. Mom will get angry (She doesn't feel well today)

6. I need to go through a gate - open and close it-

7.One part of the garden was cut recently, the other garden has a chopped tree on it and

8. who knows if I even find a daisy there...

9. It's easy to slip on the way through the floor, the stair floor thing....

10.I need to change shoes and get a jacket because it's cold

Okay, not really ten reasons but still...

whatever... No Sport for me.

Don't know what I'll do now.

Antio 🧁

Nachtrag: it got pretty late as I wanted to finish the puzzle. I only managed to get the second part (out of four) as they look so similiar.

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