March 8, 2022

Went to Loving Hut, Started on Some Vegpal Issues, Fixed an Icon Issue

5:13 AM (Wednesday, March 9th 2022)

Today is Tuesday, March 8th 2022 and it was another good day today. I woke up pretty early at around 4 AM and I worked on yesterday's (Monday's) journal entry. I got distracted by some other thing and stopped writing my journal entry. The whole day was spent productively though. It was this morning that I donated $200 to a Ukranian charity that was serving vegan food for refugees.

At around 7 AM, my dad and I went outside to run again. It was pretty cold outside at around 42 degrees (but the website says "feels like 35 degrees" with lots of cold wind), but I went out in shorts and a shirt. My dad had gloves, a hat, big jacket, big pants, and I just went out in shorts and a shirt to go jogging. A bit down the road though, my dad convinced me to at least wear a jacket, so I went back in and got a jacket.

We jogged for about an hour and then came back home. During the jog I listened to an audiobook on dating from the female viewpoint. I've read or skimmed some dating books from the guy's viewpoint since high school, and it's all very weird, none of them are straight to the point. All of them kind of involve taking some action as the male though, like approaching women in real life or asking them out via the phone, while also taking care of oneself. From this dating audiobook I was listening to from the woman's perspective, it was all basically about taking care of oneself and being passive for the right guy to come.

It's kind of a huge shock, though not really. They're pretty much giving the guy all rights to lead, so they basically wait for the guy to take action, and they'll just be reactive to it whether yes or no, is my take from listening to an hour of the book. Like women are very curious as to whether or not a guy they're talking to likes them, so they have a lot of thoughts about it. But they don't take any action to ask the guy out. They wait for the guy to message them or something. It's shocking but also not shocking.

So yeah the jogging is zone 1 training for me, because my heart rate is in the 120s the majority of the time, but near the end it did go over 140s, so I think we accidentally sped up near the end. My dad was panting quite a bit at the end though while I barely felt anything. Based on me basically "running" or jogging at a speed that's probably slower than my power walking speed, no wait, it is slower, we are jogging 11 minutes per km here, while I can power walk 10 minutes per km, my fitness tracker rated my vo2 max as 35. That's insanely low. I think my vo2 max was 49 back in 2019 according to another fitness tracker, but I don't know. I still haven't jogged "for real" this whole time, just these super slow jogs with my dad. Zone 1 training.

At home I ate a meal, and then got some text messages from Lia to test the app, so I did and ran into a bug on android where the icon didn't show up properly. So that would be the first issue I would fix today. I checked my emails for NW first to see if I got anything new or pressing, and it was just bugs that have existed for a while, I figured I could work on that tomorrow, and dedicate this whole day towards Vegpal instead.

My dad's birthday is coming up this Saturday so we needed a venue to go to. My mom earlier this morning wanted to go to a Chinese vegan place, so I told her about Loving Hut. My dad and I went out and drove there, the toll road option was left open on my GPS so it made us take a much longer way just to reach a toll road. When I disabled the GPS right near the toll road, because this car didn't have any express highway passes nor did I have any coins, the time increased by a lot again, and it took us like an hour overall to get there, instead of 30 minutes.

My dad went in and ordered a bunch of stuff, then came back out and we brought it home. I was already extremely full by my breakfast I ate that morning, so I ate nothing when we got back home. My dad said it was all great though.

I texted Lia when I got back home and worked on the icon issue the whole time. Honestly I didn't know where to start, so I took a little nap so it would help me process it more, I woke up, eventually figured it out and fixed it. I pushed the update to the Github page and Lia and I talked about other issues.

I took a look at the other issues she gave me which were all pressing, and came up with some different solutions. She also invited me to the Slack group and I introduced myself there and posted my thoughts on possible solutions to a problem. I got a reply back on that the next day, and idk, I don't think they tried my solution. I'll have to try it myself once I figure out how to run the app.

I had a really fun time working on Vegpal stuff today. It was so much fun. I liked how much appreciation and praise I was getting from Lia today too, makes the experience feel a lot better.

At around 10 PM when I was about to go to sleep, because of my thoughts on that audiobook from this morning, I asked another girl out. We met in Puerto Rico and she's a vegetarian that possibly showed some signs of interest in me. I don't know, but I have her number and asked her out via text message.

Before going to sleep I just messaged Lia a bunch of my thoughts on things. It was kind of scattered around but not really.

Today was a really tiring day. It was a lot of fun though. I have so many journal entries to work on. Man.

Written by JustMegawatt

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