May 7, 2020

white stone collective (the week in review)

May 1 – After 15+ hours walking on my balcony, I can see the path worn by my footsteps: a faint infinity sign that's lighter than the surrounding grime.

May 2

me: all this person does is cry and retweet Emet-Selch fanart

me: ...

me: *follows*

May 3 – One of the postgame areas in Rabi-Ribi is a library. HGR's been trying to get in forever, and the librarian kept denying him entry. Now that he finally got in, we can see why: the place is a fracas. Flickering lights, bare walls with not a book or bookshelf in sight, spikes everywhere. "It's a spike bonanza," said HGR. You can just imagine the librarian coming to work every day and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task before her, and so instead of dealing with it she spends all her time on book blogs and goodreads (technically work-related??). And then HGR comes by and she's like ACK please don't go in there sir ._.

May 4 – I check on HGR's stream after dinner and he's fighting...a gijinka pillar?? Weird flex but okay. Pillar-chan is level 406 (that's a lot) and fights with pillar-themed attacks, such as stone blocks falling from the sky. She also has a ridiculously long ougi with tornadoes blanketing the screen and giant vertical lasers and it's kicking HGR's ass.

May 6 – Today's quarantine baking adventure: brownies (using a modified online recipe)

  1. mix 1 stick melted butter + 1 cup sugar
  2. add 1 egg + 0.25 tsp salt
  3. add 1 cup flour + 1 hot chocolate packet (my addition) + chocolate chips
  4. bonk it
  5. bake @ 350 for 20-25m

Mixed results. The texture is goopy, more like a lemon bar than a real brownie. (Should I have baked it longer? I already gave it longer than the recipe said.) But it's delicious, which is what really matters.

May 7 – Cut my balcony walk short today after 20 minutes because a couple of guys were having a screaming match outside. It seemed like it might turn violent, and I was worried about stray bullets. One guy was in his car, the other on foot, and if car guy started shooting, I'd be in his line of sight.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On May 08, 2020

15+ hours walking on a balcony is quite impressive, the infinity symbol you're carving is cool

I wonder what those guys were screaming about.

Posted On May 08, 2020

@JustMegawatt Yeah I dunno, I could hear some swearing but otherwise couldn't make out what they were saying.

Posted On May 08, 2020

On the brownies, it may be because you didn't put any baking soda in it, so bubbles weren't created and it couldn't rise? I'm still a novice baker but that's my best guess. And it's always fine to cook a little longer. I had a banana bread in the oven 20 min longer than the recipe said because it wasn't done yet!

Posted On May 08, 2020

@Cayst Hmm, that could be it. My (very rudimentary) understanding is that usually cakes use baking powder, because they're fluffier, and usually brownies don't. But based on my results maybe I could've used a little.

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