March 13, 2022

Just worked the entire day basically

7:16 AM (of Tuesday, March 15th 2022)

Today is Sunday, March 13th 2022 and I basically just worked the whole day today on Vegpal. Basically from morning until night, that's all I did. There was this much needed update of changing the pause time hours from 10 to 5, and that's what I was working on. It was fun learning everything from the backend to the frontend and the servers and all that.

In the afternoon at around 5 PM maybe, Lia sent me an issue with the message notifications that they weren't sending, so I worked on fixing that today too. I helped resolve it, it turned out to be a billing issue that popped up when I tried to deploy new updates to the notification code. I learned a bunch more stuff about the project by working on this issue.

Lia and I met up that night to decide on items next to assign to the dev team. We drafted up some messages that we would post so the dev team could work on those items. We posted those messages we drafted in the Slack at night and everyone in the dev team worked on it. They're all in a different timezone so we can post things at night, and they can work on it while we sleep.

Lia is pretty amazing and I'm glad she came into my life. We text and chat very often, every few hours or so, and we have zoom meetings pretty much daily too. I have a really good time with Lia and I texted her that I was glad to have met her. We have said this to each other a few times already and I think we like each other a lot as friends, as business partners. She's my favorite person to talk to by far.

So that was pretty much my whole day today. I was supposed to be uploading my tax documents today, but I didn't do that. I was too focused on Vegpal and any other activity felt too tiring. There was some snow outside, some, most of it had already melted. I assumed there was still snow out in the trails that I would jog in, so I didn't go out and jog today.

My dad and I tried to go to a recreational center nearby to jog in though, but they were closed today, probably because of the snow. We went out to Best Buy instead and I got myself an electric toothbrush for $50.

Then I worked on a bunch of stuff, had that meeting with Lia at night, and it was a fun day. Busy, but fun. I enjoyed today.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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