May 7, 2020

Very Productive Day and Did Some Hard Bicycle Turns

9:36 PM

Even just yesterday, there were some bike turns which I considered impossible. It's hard to describe them, but there are some right turns where you have to turn more than 90 degrees, where 90 degrees is a straight right turn. The turns I'm talking about are where you have to turn completely to the right, and then a little bit more, so that you're essentially going a little bit backwards. Well yesterday I was attempting to do a few of these kinds of turns, and I was not able to do them. Today I tried again, and was able to do it 3/4 times which is so impressive, I was able to do it for the first time today, after failing a bunch of times yesterday.

By "failing" yesterday, I mean that I attempted to make the turn, but would be forced to stop and get off the bike just because of how complicated the turn was. I had to do that every single attempt yesterday. I don't know what the heck happened today, but it was just so easy to do. I just went and did it, and boom, just like that. I repeated it several times just to really emphasize it, and I was doing it. I still failed a few times, but it's doing something which once was impossible just a day ago.

10:04 PM

For some reason today has been exceptionally productive. I fell asleep last night at around 11 PM, and I woke up at around 6 AM, so I got 7 hours of sleep roughly. That's more than my normal 4-5 hours of sleep. From morning until 9 AM, I just worked on my own personal projects for several hours. Not sure what overcame me, but it was just such a productive morning, I really don't know what caused it.

For work, I worked on what I needed to. During lunch time, I went out on my bike and bicycled around. That was when I did those "impossible turns" that I mentioned. What feels really cool is when you become "one with your bike" it's like, you meld with it. I felt like I could do these turns because the bike was a part of me. It's similar to in a car, except you have so much more control over a bike than a car. Yeah, today was the most powerful I had ever been on a bike.

While bicycling, I encountered another cyclist on a road bike. He was wearing the typical spandex cyclist outfit, so he was like a pro. We were both on a flat part of the road, and I was like okay I'll race and I'll win. I usually win these bike races, but I don't really ever encounter people wearing cycling spandex gear. I was just wearing a shirt, I wanted to race and win, so I switched to my bigger gear. There was some rattling noise, and then the bike chain got disconnected from the chain. I had to stop, place the bike upside down, and fix the chain. I got it fixed but the front gear switching isn't functioning properly anymore, I have to stay on the lower gear, I think it needs adjustment.

I went back home after that and continued working. After work I looked up some bike prices online, and every single road bike was $1000 or more. Geez! I got my road bike for only $500, but now there's nothing cheaper than $1000! They were commonly $2000+ too. Anyway I took a nap after this, and then after waking up I worked on some personal projects for several hours again. Again I don't know how or why I was so productive today, but I'll take it. I avoided YouTube and other social media, just because I really felt like I had seen all I wanted to see.

Anyway that was my day today. I have some homework due tonight which I'll now work on before going to bed. I rate today a 10/10.

Written by JustMegawatt

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