March 15, 2022

Signed up for a community center membership and swam in pool

5:59 AM (of Wednesday, March 16th 2022)

Today is Tuesday, March 15th 2022 and it was another fantastic day today, lots of emotions. It is fun being in the States again, it seems like the infrastructure of everything is better here, like the roads are better (no potholes, lines clearly marked, no "one lane wide but for two cars" kind of roads), the buildings I think look better, and everything here is cheaper. Everything in the States is far cheaper than in Puerto Rico, because I guess everything has to be shipped there via ships mostly, and also the Jones Act which adds another price increase in everything.

I did some work on Vegpal again in the morning, that and I worked on catching up on my journal entries. I also got an email from the insurance company which handled my minor car accident back in early January, they said they closed my case. It was all in Spanish so I'm not sure exactly what it said, just that the case was closed. I would have copied and pasted the translation into Google translate, but they sent basically a pdf photo of a letter, and it wasn't great quality, so I couldn't select the text on it.

Anyway I texted this entire image to the person I got into an accident with and we talked for a while, she didn't give me any translation and just told me to re-apply the case so I tried to and tried to get some resolution by contacting the insurance company again. While on hold over text chat (I was on hold for like 3 hours), she texted me back that the insurance company authorized the payment which meant the case was done, there was nothing else left and she was getting payment for the crash.

I wonder how much she's getting from it, she made such a big deal about it but all the damage basically rubbed off easily, and I think the worst was some scratches. There was no dent, or at the worst, a really tiny bump, I couldn't see anything but she kept insisting there was one. There was almost no damage on my vehicle, honestly it's nearly impossible to tell, it was the most minor of accidents. Anyway it has been resolved today, so thoughts about the progress on that can finally stop appearing every now and then (like once a week or something).

My dad and I went to the local community center recreational building which was basically a giant gym. It's an amazing place. We went there at around 10:30 AM, so it was pretty empty, not much people. Oh yeah, this was the best. Everyone else was pretty much at work, so there was only a few people there. I paid $75 or so for a monthly pass to get my dad and I in, the fee covers two people for a month. I gave my dad a tour of the place first thing because he hasn't been there before, while I used to go there a lot in 2016. I loved that era, those were some good times. I do miss those days for sure.

So the recreational building is open from 5 AM to 9 PM, and it's basically deserted on weekday work hours. That's great for me and my dad I guess, because we sort of have the place to ourselves during those times, though there are still a handful of other people, it's not nearly as much compared to in the evening. Anyway after the tour of this big facility, my dad and I went on some weird treadmill for a while.

Then I went on the leg press machine and I find these super easy, I knew I could do the maximum weight on these machines, every leg press machine I have gotten on I could do the maximum weight, but I never checked how much weight that was. It was 415 pounds. I saw a video of some woman's legs breaking due to this machine, so I didn't extend it all the way up, I could still do a leg press on 415 pounds with reps though. For the actual workout I did around 90 reps of 300 pounds, I did it in 3 sets of 30 reps each set. It was exhausting! But fun. 300 pounds was kinda really easy to do, that's why I did 30 reps each set to tire myself out a bit more.

I shot some hoops with my dad for a bit. I took a hot shower after all that. It was nice.

Afterwards we went back to Greenfare and Naked Lunch, and Naked Lunch was closed still because their dishwasher was still broken. We don't need to eat any animal flesh or animal secretions. I found out Greenfare was hosting a Fairfax Veg Fest here next month so I told Lia about it and how we could exhibit Vegpal there and I could show her around DC and other places. She told me that we had to keep our relationship strictly business and platonic and this hurt me for a while. For a few hours I was pretty debilitated and feeling depressed, I almost cried but I don't have any tears to cry. I took a nap though and just rested my hurt self.

I finished some tasks for NW, we are good to go on some things.

At night we went back to the recreational center because I wanted to go swimming. I took off my clothes and rinsed in a hot shower, and then went swimming. I went swimming alongside a high school swim team practice or some local county swim team or something, they kept swimming laps back and forth. They were there before I arrived, and I probably swam for like an hour, and they were still there at the end of that. So that's pretty crazy how much they swim for. The guy swimming next to me kept swimming laps over and over and over, I took some breaks every now and then to catch my breath but he kept on going and going. I want to get to that level too, where I can just swim back and forth over and over.

At night Lia and I had another meeting again. There is going to be a big ad placed tomorrow so we expect a big influx of users. Lia will be out though because she has to drive to a funeral, so I have to manage all the new user sign ups. It's going to be a crazy day. Her computer also had this weird warning issue pop up of someone logging into her account using a gray Macbook Air, and she didn't recognize the device, so we went about changing her passwords and signing out of devices and such.

I went to sleep feeling pretty exhausted. It was such a good day today, just a wide range of emotions. I exercised a few times today. Overall I am very happy to be alive.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Mar 16, 2022

Sounds like a great day. Are you back in the States long-term, or is this just a temporary thing while you get your business going? (You might have mentioned this earlier but I missed it)

Posted On Mar 17, 2022

@Achaius It's just a temporary thing, my parents wanted me to visit

Posted On Mar 18, 2022

Ah, makes sense.

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