March 16, 2022

Went to Community Center Twice Again, Did Some Work and Taxes

4:57 AM (of Thursday, March 17th 2022)

Today is Wednesday, March 16th 2022 and it was another good day today. I woke up at around 6 AM and I worked on playing around with the Vegpal database. I wanted to create a backup of it on my computer, so I figured out how to do that in the morning. I also wanted to figure out how to update some of the administration pages, so I figured out how to do that this morning as well, and it was fun figuring that out. A lot of this stuff is new to me.

I don't know what else I did in the morning.

6:13 AM (of Friday, March 18th 2022)

Yeah I did some other things, nothing unproductive, and I went out to the community center again with my dad early in the morning, at like 7 AM or around there. The community center was deserted even more. Actually, I've gone at completely different times now, morning, afternoon, evening, at different times, and it's pretty much always deserted. There's a lot more people in the evening at around 5 and 6 PM, but they're mainly the basketball team practicing.

So I went on the fun treadmill again, it's this weird shaped treadmill that is really fun to use, much more fun and much more comfortable than the regular treadmill. I went on that for like 20 minutes, and then I did some strength workouts. I showed my dad I could do 415 pounds leg press a few times, like 10 reps or whatever but not extending all the way because I saw that video of a woman breaking her legs on this machine, so I am wary of that. He said to be careful and not do the maximum weight at once, to warm up for it, I just hopped on and put the weight to the maximum and started doing it. I think I have exceptional strength in this area, because I don't work out my legs at all, and yet I can do the maximum weight on this machine, I recorded a video yesterday (Tuesday) of me doing it. I just looked up how much the average person should be able to leg press, and online guides say beginners should do 50% of their weight, that would be around 90 pounds for me, and that would basically be lifting air almost.

I did some other random workouts, mainly trying out the different cardio machines for a few minutes, like the elliptical machine and others. I did the rowing machine for like 10 minutes, it was boring as heck. I contemplated swimming again, but didn't. I went on the fun treadmill again at the end for another 20 minutes.

Afterwards I think my dad and I just went home. I did some Vegpal stuff and chat with the dev team and so on. My dad and I did not go out to Greenfare or anywhere else to get lunch today. I just ate some leftovers that were available.

I matched with someone new on Veggly today and she lived only 5 miles away from me, walking distance. I asked her out on a date for Friday (in two days) and she said she was busy that day, but next Friday was fine. We had some other chats here and there, I asked her if she wanted to add each other on Facebook, and then no reply after that. Maybe that was too much? I plan on messaging her again on Saturday to confirm the date is still up, and to assure her that adding each other on Facebook was just to show I was real and to feel more secure or whatever. Even the entire day of Thursday, she didn't reply back.

In the afternoon at around 5 PM, I actually started working on uploading my tax documents, and wow, I uploaded a decent amount. My dad brought a copy of my property deed, so we went over to a place to get it scanned and emailed to me, and I submitted that as one of my tax documents. I uploaded pretty much all I could, and then I emailed someone that helped me move to Puerto Rico if she had digital copies of some of my documents I originally sent over, and she did and sent them over the next day (Thursday) and I was so thankful, because I didn't have to fly back to PR to get them now.

At around 7 PM today (Wednesday), my dad and I went to the gym again. I basically just got on the fun treadmill for 30 minutes and did some power walking and light jogging on it. It's such a fun treadmill, I stayed on the entire 30 minutes just walking, not listening to any music or audio book or anything. I am surprised I was able to do nothing for that long. I did some light jogging near the end. I love this treadmill.

That was pretty much my whole day. Nothing special happened.

Written by JustMegawatt

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