May 8, 2020




13:26: We went shopping this morning. Mom came with us "for a walk" with Maximilian. She planned to only go to the end of the street. Then she said, as far as he goes.... He came with us to Penny and back. Now he's tired. I have to do the task Lea gave me. I totally forgot! I have until 14:30 for it, but it probably won't take long.

17:24: Again, just because I wanted to remove a hair it deleted what I just wrote -.-

Oookay. The conversation with Lea was so great and taught me a few thing. I need to check things more and pay attention of what I do, what I consume, movies, games, everything and stay away of what's not good. A lot of things look like they're harmless but they're not and I really need to think about those things there, do I need to consume it and all. Then, I played the flute and tried this new free-monthly song of May and it's awesome so I still need to print it out. And I need to charge my stuff, for the Livestream and KG later (Computer has 40% and phone only 14% left). And... Idk... maybe I'll read. This won't take energy at least. Mom just came back, she was outside preparing the garden, she wanted to make a ... google says "bed" ? A place where you plant stuff. And then she wants to place flowers, I think. But she has migraine it seems for a few days now. Man, I wish I could help her better. She's like responsible for everything here and need to do nearly evrything... I don't want to talk bad about her husband. He is a nice guy but can be pretty... energyful in the wrong way. He'll get better though, I'm certain of that. He does do more with his little son now, just, he doesn't see danger oftentimes and is a bit slow -> sometimes he has to look after him and stays there playing his computer games. By the time he's in the kitchen it's too late. And then Maxmilian will get ... not punishment, but you know what I mean. So, I understand that mom can't just lay down as there's always this worry that smething could happen...

19:34: What special day it is.


Watching the Trax livestream, for the first time alone and on my knees. As soon as I had lifted my hand I got overwhelmed. He's so good. And it didn't stop there. Even if it wasn't throughout the whole time, it was a lot of times and it got the strongest at the end, even when the worship had ended and Dominik prayed. It was so wonderful!!!

22:13: KG was nice, we played "Wer bin ich" and

Then mom came in and told me her miracle. She was praying and suddenly her headache disappeared. So great!!!


Written by Plesi`

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