May 8, 2020

Another Productive Day

6:21 AM

I forgot to write about this yesterday, but I had some more cool YouTube video ideas. I could not make any videos recently because my computer is busted. I can just barely do my normal work on it. The issue is that for some reason, it does not properly detect the charger strength and it assumes it's weaker, so it throttles the computer performance by like 80%. So it's really slow, and even dragging the mouse takes a few seconds. Due to this, it's impossible to record or edit videos just because it's so slow. If I try to record a video like this, it will skip frames and the recorded video comes out choppy.

But yeah, I found that my channel which I barely work on, is actually getting subscribers and views. I don't know why, but apparently people like the content I make. So I had the idea yesterday to make a video on how unimportant computer peripherals were once a person had a laptop. By peripherals, I mean things like a computer mouse, external monitor, external keyboard, etc. Once they have a laptop, people don't really need an external mouse, keyoard, or even an extra monitor. The laptop is really all that's needed. I wanted to make a video regarding that topic, but again, impossible with the computer speed. I would buy a new charger, but minimum they cost $50, and I don't know if the issue is with the charger or the computer (maybe the charging port has some disconnected circuits or something).

Anyway I just woke up recently, I'm going to eat some breakfast and work on some personal project items. I wrote this entry early just so I don't forget that I wanted to write about that idea yesterday.

10:26 PM

I am not sure where the mood or energy to be productive comes from, but after writing that entry in the morning, I just worked on some personal projects until 9 AM when my actual work for my job started. While working on the personal projects, I just had full concentration and energy, I was so motivated to get things done. I ate some breakfast while working. Once 9 AM rolled around and I had to "clock in" for work (basically I had to log into work servers and that was when my job work started), I was still productive but not as much.

Around lunchtime I went out cycling again. I didn't go anywhere far because the skies were cloudy, and I felt a few raindrops every now and then as I bicycled just in my neighborhood. Due to this I just practiced some turns again, and wow, I am surprised I can do these turns so easily now. Two weeks ago I honestly would never have expected to be able to do these turns even after several years of cycling. They were just so impossible for me to fathom doing. Now I'm able to do these turns, and I'm succeeding at doing them. Unbelievable. I started heading back home after the raindrops started coming in more frequently.

After that I finished some other tasks at work before the day ended. After work ended I took a nap for around an hour or so. Then I don't know what propelled me to do this, but I worked on my personal projects again. Normally I'd engross myself at online videos or other "time wasting" activities for hours at a time, but not today. I got so bored of some of these activities like watching videos, I feel like I've seen them all. The only ones that I still watch now are music videos, and that's just because I like the music, not really the video.

Anyway I'm really tired now. I'm not able to work on anything else tonight, just because I did eventually get bored of working on personal projects.

Oh yeah my new full face cycling helmet arrived yesterday night and so did the elbow and knee pads I ordered. I did not touch them for at least 12+ hours to let the virus die out if it was on there. The helmet looks really cool, I like the extra full face protection it offers. I ordered the knee pads and elbow pads simply because I was scared of falling down on my bike. This helmet and other add-ons add quite a bit of weight, at least 5 pounds total, so it's not a great thing to wear for speed performance, but at least I'm much safer now from accidents. No one wears this stuff when bicycling by the way, even cycling helmets are rarely worn now, and the one I ordered is a full face helmet so it's more like a motorcycling helmet, no one wears that when cycling.

Tomorrow is a Saturday. What am I going to be doing tomorrow? I have the full day ahead of me. If I can get my computer to view the charger as the appropriate strength, which can happen once out of 100 times when I unplug and replug it back in, I'll work on a video tomorrow. Anyway I guess that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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