May 9, 2020

New Habitican Party ?

Hello there....

Yesterday I have decided to disband my old party. We currently have 32 members, a lot. yeah..

My first party that I made base on curiosity, so my first goal was just invite anybody, or any new comer to join and help each other.

Have been at that party for around 2 weeks, I am learn that, having many different timezone is not good for questing. Because people have different time to wake up and checking habitica. I decide to recommending auto accept quest for our members, but it's just few members that really install it.

I have try to private message or mention the other, and there is no response.

I don't if they were so busy that don't have a little time to write some reply, I don't know.

I just think that I have to do something.

So, I decide to create new party with new goals and new requirement.

My goal for this party is, first do questing, so it's necessary to install auto accept quest.

Second, to help each other, actively and communicative.

And that's how I made a new party in Habitica.

Currently we have 11 members, but it will become a big party, little by little..

ok, bye.

see you tomorrow

Written by kangfarih

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