March 27, 2022

Rebelled Against Work

7:28 PM (of Monday, March 28th 2022)

Today is Sunday, March 27th 2022 and it was a relaxing day today I guess.

8:20 PM (of Wednesday, March 30th 2022)

Today is still Sunday, March 27th 2022. I could have worked all day today, but I was kind of tired of everyone demanding so much from me. It was Sunday and Lia was asking me to do things as if it were just another weekday and I had no time to myself to do anything for myself. So I got really annoyed by that. I had plans to catch up on some personal work today and she just messages me and asks me to do these things as if I don’t have anything else to do.

My parents got on my nerves today too. We had this argument because I did not want to buy them a house in the Philippines. I already pay the mortgage on their house every month even though I don’t even live here, and they got mad at me when I told them I wasn’t gonna buy them a home there. They insisted it would be mine after they die, but I really don’t care about owning anymore homes than the one I already have. It’s annoying to take care of real estate properties, a huge annoyance, so one is enough for the rest of my life I think.

Obviously I can change my mind at any time, but I was very annoyed today since people kept demanding things of me.

10:27 AM (of Sunday, April 2nd 2022)

I mainly should have been annoyed with myself, because I procrastinated instead and did nothing the whole day today. I think I did go out to the recreational center again today to exercise, and I probably jogged for like 70 minutes again or more, I think, but I did nothing good the rest of the time. I just stayed at home the rest of the time and watched anime. It was so stupid, I don't even remember what anime I watched, all I know is that it was likely a waste of time and I could have just gave in and worked on Vegpal or my taxes or other things today.

Oh, one thing I know I did get done today, is that I completed my operating system install on my computer today. At night time I got it to work. I got it to install, I got my configurations set up, now I have no more excuses for not getting anything done. Except I still didn't really get much done today.

The lesson I learned today is that I need to get work done, and rebelling against authority to procrastinate and do nothing, is not productive and it was much better for me to have just complied and worked on Vegpal stuff the whole day. It would have been way better.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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