May 10, 2020

Chinese stuff (Habitica challenge)

When I went downstairs today to eat lunch, I was confronted by my parents for sleeping late. I guess they could hear me moving around and talking in a call. I was already planning to sleep early tonight, but now I have more incentive to be extra quiet when I do sleep late. It’s already pretty late right now actually, but I won’t be sleeping at like 6 am today. I don’t think my parents know how late I actually sleep or else they’d probably be more mad.

I have a zoom meeting tomorrow for my Chinese school at 11:30 am so I need to wake up earlier so I don’t miss it. Even though I am Chinese, I kinda lost the language since I speak almost exclusively English now. I am still decent at understanding, but am not that good at speaking and also am not good at reading and writing. I feel bad for not being a diligent student though because I haven’t really learned much recently from taking these classes.

To motivate myself to put more effort into learning more, I joined a Habitica challenge to learn Chinese for 30 days. I am currently using the website Ninchanese to brush up on vocabulary. I started at HSK level 3 (out of 6 levels), but I know almost all of them, so I think I will skip to level 4. I also encouraged my friend (who’s not Chinese) to join me in learning, and it’s been fun to try and help him learn. Honestly, I don’t think Ninchanese’s approach to teaching the language is the best, but it’s not that bad. It’s not going to make either of us fluent, but it’ll improve our abilities. It’s also fun to have him join me because there are leaderboards and you can challenge friends in a quick game. We are both a bit competitive and will put more effort in getting ahead (since we are starting out at different levels, we are competing in how much content we are learning).

I also made more progress in my self portrait and finished coloring the forearm. It’s looking nice so far, so I’m content :). I still have quite a bit to get tomorrow, so hopefully I can bring myself to be more focused and productive tomorrow. Also, I forgot to save this entry and when I went back to the tab, all my writing was deleted when the tab auto refreshed on my phone, so I had to retype it all :-(

Written by ducknut

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