May 10, 2020




10:56: Okay, my portfolio (math) is (nearly) finished. Just a cover needs to be done. Even mom doesn't get the refridgerator task.

Also she had made herself fish rolls. Mjam. I made one too.

14:53: I played the fox game while my brother slept. I managed to get all the missing things except one up to chapter 5. That's when I stopped to take a shower. Oh, before that I played ACNH very shortly and decorated the new "bath"room. I didn't want to expand because I like my house that small. But storage-shortage required it.

20:05: Okay, I need to go to bed. School's tomorrow and alarm clock goes off at 5am. Half of me doesn't want to go to bed. Miau.

I deleted some e-mails of my sisters account (with permisson of course). I wonder how tomorrow will be?

There was this song called "The Blessing" especially UK version which has "gone viral" as the radio said. It's beautiful, but I had to hear it several times, though. But that's no problem, as it had beed played a lot recently, like the "1st stanza cornerstone songs" and (what was it...) before."How great thou art" also was there some times, 10.00 reasons, some songs like where it says "I need you, every hour I need you... My saving Grace, my rightousness, O God how I need you", "but this I know with all my heart - his blood has paid my randsom," over the past few days.

I shared it with my English teacher as well.

Mom made me a mask :) She had to do it all over three times because she'd sewed it on the wrong side two times because she couldn't concentrate. Poor mom.

21:00: alsi, i drew a fox today with tears of happiness. But i can't decide between blue and orange...


Uhhh what? Eh.... That ray of love was sprayed... The upload somehow Changes the photo 😂 it doesn't look like this in real life. I've posted it on Instagram in my story, may make a feed entry there @SandyKuhl or so, the one with the fox and the greek flag profile picture if someonesm is interesting, but i don't post that much, majority is story

Oh you can See how it looked like on the photo with the orange fox. .

Written by Plesi`

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