Feb. 28, 2020




I went shopping with mom today. And I learned that in Greece next week they'll have "Clean Monday", they won't eat things with blood like seafood* and it's the only day they fly a kite. I hope I can get there one day, but I'll passs for seafood, I don't think I'd like it.

After lunch I'll work on English, my fictional channel will be called "Flugiatheos" or "FlutegiaTheos" and ,, Ach I don't know I need to go to eat.

english arbeit fach


Today our "Facharbeit" begins officialy. But I'll start tomorrow after I went to Rade to get the books and cleaned the bathroom. But this week my turn is to clean the sink, toilet and bathtube so I don't have to wait for a floor to dry, that's nice.

Then I'll work on my English homework, I hope I can create a good jingle that's not too similiar to another one. I don't even know how to start.


Yes, the first bar of the jingle melodia isn't filled completely, but I could't find a pause on this programm other than that one that looks like a Zita or Xi.

Antio [Muffin emoji]

*they eat that instead of meat

Written by Plesi`

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