May 11, 2020

More art stuff (Habitica challenge)

Worked on my art piece some more today and colored in the hand. I think doing 1-2 hours everyday is a good pace since I’m not exactly in a rush to finish it. It’s the last piece in my portfolio, which is due on the 26th. I also did some sketching in my sketchbook. I did a quick drawing of the band The Honeysticks and then some quick sketches of an OC I recently created (they’re kinda ugly though since I’m still trying to figure out the details). It’s my first time ever creating an OC. I’m not really someone who draws people or just draws that often actually, so I need to practice drawing people and defining my style because my skills at that are really ehhh. I think I might also practice my digital art skills while practicing drawing people and figures. I’m trying to accept the fact that I’m not amazing at this and that I’m a beginner and just need to keep practicing to see improvement. I was feeling really inspired today though, so that’s good. I’m also trying to draw in my sketchbook everyday so I can practice drawing consistently and also finally make use of the pile of sketchbooks I have. My main goal is to just draw anything and I don’t need to worry about making it look good because this is just for myself and for improving, I’m not making it for anyone else to see.

I have 2 AP exams this week (physics and US history) and am getting more nervous by the hour... I’m realizing how much I actually need to review and practice writing the DBQ essay for history and make sure I can do everything within the time limit. Can’t believe it’s already AP season. Time passes by so fast.

Written by ducknut

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