May 11, 2020




13:16: first schoolday in weeks, but it was okay. Only i got a headache again and my stomach feels unwell. Mom agreed when i said, it was just sunny (meaning now It's suddenly gone) that it could be because of the wheather. Also, couldn't sleep last night.

I missed the bus back Home. Next time I'll ask the teacher if i can go a few minutes earlier as this is my only way home. Luckily i could get Home with my friend (her mom Picked her uo). But a classmate also missed it. I only saw the back of it driving around the corner...

22:24: I slept a few hours and I felt great, so I recorded the flute audio, read the book and then I played the fox game a bit. Now we have KG and playy

Also I had got some food from the fridge.

Our teacher told us that in a couple of years, like 20 or so, this Corona time will be history and we'll be the ones who through lived it. I can't believe it actually, but yeah it may be will be.


Written by Plesi`

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