May 11, 2020

Resting but not rested. :(

Hello everyone

This morning I am able to not sleep again after wake up at 4 am to 6 am. Yeah, it's feel refreshing.

But then, I feel I want to rest a bit. So, I try to lay down my body and close my eyes, it feel good at that time.

Then at 7 am I waking up and feel my body have no energy, and feel a little bit headache.

Ah, I shouldn't sleep again at that time. I feel my body have no energy.

Then I move to other room, take a comfortable place to lay down. An try to rest my body, hope after that it get better.

I feel better, but not best, waking up at 9 am, and prepare for bathing then go to work at my desk.

I don't think I need to sleep when I don't really feel sleepy. I should just waking up at morning until my body feel tire and get sleepy. I think that's the best time to sleep. The most effective sleeping time is when my body feel tired.

Ok, then. tomorrow I will hold my self at the day not to sleep, and let my body tired then I can get the best sleep quality.

Written by kangfarih

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