April 20, 2022

Walked 18k steps, Worked on Lots of Things, Finished Homework

9:44 AM (of Thursday, April 21st 2022)

Today is Wednesday, April 20th 2022 and it was a very long and busy day today.

10:51 AM (of Thursday, April 21st 2022)

I started off the day by going to the recreational center with my dad. I did a coin flip today and asked if I should jog today, it said tails, so I just walked on the treadmill for 80 minutes today. Again the most difficult thing about walking on the treadmill is how boring it is to walk constantly for that long. I could have jogged for 80 minutes today, I certainly have far more than enough stamina for that, but the coin flip told me not to, and I had some thoughts go through my head while walking that I may not have otherwise thought of. I don’t remember what they were though. Maybe I already took action on them? Probably not.

After the treadmill, I did 10 push ups and stopped because my chest was feeling sore, which was a great thing! I then just went over to the dumbbells and started curling 30 pounds again and it felt not heavy at all. This was very easy. I probably did like 70 to 100 curls with each arm, through sets of 10 reps. I didn’t keep track of how many sets I did, but I was there for a while, so I probably did a ton. I kept going and going trying to get my muscles to feel sore, because of the phrase “no pain no gain”, so I kept pushing myself until I felt some pain, but in reality I felt no pain at ever, at the worst just some teeny soreness on my muscles. I stopped though but I could have kept going, it feels like I could have kept this up for forever basically.

When I got back home, I intended to work on Vegpal but I got a text message from one of my stealth launch clients and he said to call him when I got the chance. I called him a few minutes later, and I just discussed with him the tasks I had for NW and my vacation for a bit. I responded to a few NW emails and did a bit of NW work. There was so much work today.

At around 6 PM, my dad and I walked outside again, around the neighborhood once, and then to the river.

When I got back home I just worked on Vegpal. Man this is all very exhausting. I ate a lot of food today. I made a bet with my dad that I could fast for 14 days straight. If I eat food before then, I will owe him a sizable sum. So I will just fast as best as I can.

At night, I did my homework for a class. It’s quite an important class I think. I think it’s called Health Psychology or something like that. What we went over this unit was about how beliefs impact our behaviors and this fascinated me a lot. This is kind of obvious stuff, but I never realized there was a sort of science or study to all this. This is all a theory of course, but I think it makes sense that the reason why people behave a certain way, stems down to their beliefs. Why do people smoke, drink alcohol, kill and eat animals, and do other harmful behaviors? They have beliefs about them, and these can be broken down into many things, but it’s like if they believe there’s no harm in these activities, or if they believe there is harm but there’s nothing they can do to stop, or they believe that the harm is minimal, or something like that, then it influences the person to behave in that way. It goes way more in depth than what I mention here, but there’s like many different schools of theory of how this all works, and it’s so fascinating.

I only spent like 2 hours on this homework. Basically I read the assignment, and then work on the assignment, and only do the minimum reading of the assigned reading material that I need to complete the assignment. This week I had to write about the importance of beliefs and how that affects our behaviors, and then I had to write a 2-3 page essay on one of the theories of this, and go far more into detail. Anyway I don’t even remember much of that. The theory I did my paper on hand a fancy sounding name, and it broke down beliefs into five categories, the ones I remember are: self-efficacy, effectiveness, and pain. I don’t recall the other two. My memory is pretty good for stuff I consider important, but yeah I just learned and read this stuff mainly so I could complete the assignments, and then I forgot their contents the next minute. I do have the general idea though and it does make sense to me.

After that, I guess I went to sleep.

Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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