May 12, 2020




11:28: No school today (yay). I could sleep :). I finished the English tasks. I'm not satisfied with my analysis but I have no idea what else I could write.

And the flute lesson from today was cancelled because she's got some illness thing. Ah, now I need to think of a creative, not too complicated figure for WIF... Tonight I thought I could do a muffin... but I'm not sure if I can do that, but I can try.

12:51: I finished english and then WIF. I made a muffin (yay). Although I guess cupcakes have icing and muffin don't, or what's the difference?

It was some work, soo many orders 0.0 . It's getting a bit messy after a while. Especially when I added the colour, as I didn't do that until the end. But you know what's strange? It doesn't matter where I put it, as soon as there is one order fill(); it fills out every shape, even those I've programmed before that... I'd rather have it that this overlay-order-thing also applies to colour and not just for shapes. Not a big problem, I was filling the others anywa, but sometimes you want them to be white and don't want to write there fill(255); just because the order down below included this one...

What am I going to do now? Take a short break and then... Maybe doing the BWR homework we got yesterday.

16:25: Okay, I played the fox game and ACNH. Then I looked through my files and downloaded the files I had loaded up to Facebook. And updated my PB a bit.

22:18: watched the Königstöchter livestream and drew Something then. Tried to draw flowers. A bit at least.


Written by Plesi`

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