April 21, 2022

Day 1 of 14 of Water Fasting Again, Lots of Work, Earth Day

6:25 AM (of Friday, April 22 2022)

update: apparently today (April 21st 2022) was NOT earth day. Instead it’s the next day on April 22nd

Today is Thursday, April 21st 2022 and it was a busy day today. From yesterday’s entry, I am made a bet with my dad that I would fast for 14 days again. There’s no risk to him having to pay me anything if I do win, but if I fail to fast for 14 days, I would give him enough money to pay off his debts and then some.

First thing I did this morning was work on Vegpal and I was basically able to get the dating page to come up but with no content yet. I worked on this for a couple of hours in the morning.

After working on Vegpal for a bit, NW was having some issues with one of their servers being down, so I helped them with that for the next several hours. We still didn’t resolve the issue, but I tried.

Oh yeah there was this thing I haven’t been on in a long time. Decided to get on it again today this morning, and spent several hours on there just catching up on things. At first I was pretty afraid. I feared having lost some ability in that area due to not having signed on in a while, but I got back in the groove pretty quickly. Just have to have confidence and courage and you can re-enter any group or community feeling great. It was not so hard getting back in.

I was going to renew the Habitica challenges today, but I asked the coin flipper if I should today. It said tails, so I didn’t.

Today was earth day and PETA made a post about how going vegan can reduce your carbon footprint the most out of any other activity that you do. It’s weird how people try to argue against that and they have the worst logic and no compassion. People don’t really even think about how an animal had to suffer and get killed for them to eat their corpse, and how much more inefficient that is compared to just eating plants considering you have to grow plants to feed these animals to begin with. Pretty much every argument and area is sound and in favor of veganism, including health and longevity, yet it’s weird people try to argue for the terrible and unnecessary and destructive activity of killing and eating animals. Throughout the day I replied to a few people, it makes me lose hope for humanity that people cannot reason rationally and also do not have compassion at the same time. Of course I still try though.

One thing that does help me view things in a better light though is Hunter Avalone’s youtube channel. He is a former conservative and now liberal, and he also made videos arguing against veganism, but is now also vegan himself. He’s now against the animal agriculture industry, knows all the horrors, environmental destruction, all that. In his videos he mainly debates against conservatives, often against Christianity, and there are lots of stupid comments and statements by the people he debates against. It makes me realize that a lot of the time, people just cannot think rationally about things.

We wouldn’t have problems, personal or otherwise, if we acted rationally. No one would be fat, no one would drink or smoke, no one would have addictions to anything. Also you could argue there would not be any religion. People would spend every minute of every day being productive and working on things.

At night time I worked on Vegpal and I completed a homework assignment. I fell asleep at around 11 PM, feeling very sleepy. I had this dream about a giant scarab beetle friend or roommate that I could talk to and text on my cell phone. By giant, I mean a little bigger than a fist. I think he was supposed to be some reincarnation or someone was cursed and transformed into a scarab, and that was a fun dream. He hid around my room and I had to text him to come out, and my dad and I searched, in the dream there was a giant attic or something in my room, and he hid in this vast dark area. I had a great night’s rest.

And that was my first day of water fasting. It was not so hard. Usually my dad and I would exercise in the morning, but he went alone this morning while I stayed at home. I am fasting for 14 days. Considering how easy this first day was, I am surprised I didn’t do it earlier. From my experience doing this already before, results won’t appear until 7 days in. Then, the truly better results won’t appear until even 7 days after that. So I can’t wait for that.

I also took a shower in my parent’s bathroom today and took a lot of bathroom mirror selfie pics in underwear. I don’t think I will be posting any of these up obviously, but I took them so I could compare and contrast for myself later once I do lose the weight. It is actually completely guaranteed that I lose weight every day if I don’t eat anything. Law of thermodynamics, there is no way I can maintain homeostasis without using up energy every day, and these can come from the stored glycogen and fat on my body. I am guaranteed to burn a pound or more every day just for existing if I choose not to eat anything. Anyway I think fasting is a fun and easy activity. It is only easy if you think it is. I think it’s easy, so therefore it is. I can do this.

Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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