April 22, 2022

Friday | 15:30 - Should I cancel the course?

I'm very confused right now because I want to cancel my programming course (It's in a very famous institution here in my country) but in my mind my mom will kill me if I did this. In my opinion it dosen't make sense to continue if they will teach about mobile development and I don't want to work with this. The other factor is, I will have to pay this course until 10/2023, (it's a lot of time and my mom started to complain about give me money, (I'm in high school but I already have a internship).

I'm kinda frustrated because I asked in the last module(semester) if we were going to use Entity which is a framework, and they said "No..." so I stopped my studies in C# and started study JavaScript because in the school program was wrote that we would study React and with React we can authenticate user's too. In the end they used Entity and we saw JS for 4 weeks, like, WFT?

They basically wrote an article saying the difference between var and let then they made us write a simple script to make a carousel an said: ( "Alright now you know JavaScript and React, lest's change to mobile development :)".

I'm not being rude or nothing like this but should I pay for more 1 year to receive a piece of paper? Since I can't study due my routine right now.

In this last month my mental healthy becomes terrible again, and I was thinking if it's worthy lose my desire to live just for a nice resume.

ps: I study in a technical school so I already have programming classes and I know that what I truly learn is far more important than an A in a test.

Written by Slowet

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Posted On Apr 23, 2022

Up to you if you want to cancel. You should at least have internship or job experience to replace the 1 year of degree. It looks like you will have internship experience soon so that MIGHT make up for it. It depends on the company, some absolutely require a degree, but others do not. I dropped out of school for the same reason to save money and was still able to get a job, but that was 10 years ago, it is a different environment today. If you are almost done with a 4 year degree, and you just need 1 year left, I would lean towards just finishing it since you are already 75% of the way done. But still, up to you!

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