May 11, 2020

Very tiring day

6:08 AM (of Tuesday, May 12th 2020)

Today is Monday, May 11th, but I'm not writing today's entry until the next day just because i was so tired at night I just had to sleep right away. What I did today was start several Logs using the log feature on this site. I started up a Selfie Log, an All I Ate Today log, a Weight Loss log, and an Exercise log. I thought it was cool to be able to record all these specific things on a daily basis which is why I did that.

This morning was soooo busy. After starting those logs, I went to work to put in values for those day's entries. In the morning I took selfies, I took my weight and pictures of my weight, I did some body measurements for weight loss, I did some body pictures too. Then I recorded a video in a rush. The video can be found here and I apologize if it sucks or whatever, I was rushing a lot into making it because work was about to start:

After that, I worked on a single thing at work for the entire duration of the day. The task wasn't difficult, but it was just so lengthy. It took so many hours to do and it was just one single task that took the entire day. I was so tired and exhausted afterwards that I wanted to take a nap. But I knew I had to go and exercise, so at 6:02 PM I went out and bicycled.

I was outside bicycling for an hour and 12 minutes, my goal was to reach 10 miles. When I reached 8 miles I was like, man this is now really boring, and I basically just went around in circles until the 10 mile quota was met. At one point there was this very fast runner, was he sprinting? I don't know, but he was so fast it took me a while to catch up on him with a bike. I think he was sprinting for sure because he started walking after a while, which helped me catch up, but then he started running very quickly again right as I was behind him. He didn't go fast that time and I just passed him rather quickly afterwards. But yeah I was very shocked that I wasn't catching up initially as I cycled towards him.

After arriving back at home, I ate some dinner, and I started making some posts here and there on Habitica. I wasn't sleepy or tired at that point, but afetr over an hour of posting around, I was so tired and exhausted. I forced myself to watch some videos (I really should have just gone to bed) for an hour or two, before I gave up and just went to sleep. I didn't go to sleep early either! It was around 11 PM when I went to sleep, but I could have slept at 9 PM since I was so tired.

I did not write yesterday's entry until just now, just due to how tired I was. Anyway, that was my day today!

Written by JustMegawatt

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