Feb. 17, 2020

2020/02/17 - Review lost entries...

2020/02/17 🍋

Just a few more days... then I can sign in again :)

And I need to summarize all that happened...

Let's see...

I started using that site beginning February, but in January were a few nice things :)

ΔΔΔΔΔ 🍋17.01.2020


ΔΔΔΔΔ 🍋25.01.2020

We were at a "Jugendbildungszentrum" or something and played. I couldn't really get breakfast for some reason and they were so kind, I got cocoa and Musli 😋.

ΔΔΔΔΔ 🍋26.01.2020

I had technical shift and then - because it was some special day - we had lunch there. The evening we played in Solingen. We set everthing up and practiced. Suddenly during "Ich lauf in deinen Arm" they stopped, Michi asking when it begins - 17:00 o'clock... It was about 16:59:30 😂 So we could continue being on stage.

ΔΔΔΔ 🍋12.02.2020

I don't know how much I've written about it. I had a presentation about the language of the new testament. I had put one thing in it that was supposed to be funny and it fulfilled it. When I came to the part saying I'll talk about Koine Greek I told them not to worry because I won't talk about something like *reading out a paragraph on page 12 of the learning book* denn ehrlich gesagt, verstehe ich das auch nicht. At the end I showed them "let it go" in ancient greek - even MRs Schubert was curious. It was funny - the video scenes, but it was the only video having lyrics.

And today, what will I do... I don't even know. Preparing for spanish. Maybe a bit of MKT or Starfish, TGC or so.


So, I have made a photo of every page in my preaching book, put it onto a page on this note app and wrote down basic info. That took over two hours so I'm an hour late for sleep. But now I'm finished :)

Only the last preach is left but that's okay, I'll do that tomorrow then.

Written by Plesi`

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