May 13, 2020

Productivity and AP nervousness (Habitica challenge)

I began the day as I would usually: waking up at noon and spending time on my phone. However, instead of wasting the whole day away, in the afternoon, I decided to force myself to get up and go do something. I did a small workout, based off of the fitness Habitica challenges I’m in. This led to me being more productive overall today. I finished rewriting the last unit of my physics notes in my mini notebook for easy access and also to refresh my memory on the content. I also worked more on AP art and drew in my sketchbook, but no digital art today.

I think I might do okay on the physics AP exam (which is on the 14th omfg!!), but I am extremely worried about US history (which is on the 15th) since I still really need to review the material and I have yet to even write a single DBQ (which is now the entire exam 😰).

Something that made me happy today: that I know that I’m making progress, and that’s good enough for me :-)

Written by ducknut

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