May 13, 2020




10:50: I looked through my BWR exam we had before the lockdown, I totally forgot we had written it. It's ok. But it may get better because it could be our teacher made a mistake with the max. points you could get. I have a 3+, it's not bad I'm satisfied with it. But when he gave it to me he said that the mark that will be on the certificate later is better... I didn't want to see my mark then. It sounded like it's a much worse one. I need to correctit until the end of month. I'll do it later, I want to know what my friends wrote there. Then I did the homework for next lesson. And now? There are things I could do... I don't know if I want to learn to play piano but it has some temptation... But then it's so hard. How am I supposed to do different things at different times with both hands? .... - Petrushka.

11:18: How do piano players do that 😦

It's so strange. I need a solid basis and not like every finger is for everything... Something i can play on the flute, on Piano i'm like... There was a gis, i know it, but i can't find it even if i know in what part it was and that it was before e...

Piano is not really my Instrument, even though It's beautiful...

15:01: I worked a bit on my presentation. Drew some pictures. Not masterpieces or anything. But I need videos. >.< . Where am I getting them from without going over copyright?

19:40: Only 20 minutes until bedtime... I need to get my necklace out of that citrus thing. My sister told me about Nickelhydroxidsalz or something. That's why it had been itching all the time. I don't know if that will help, but maybe it does. I wanted to lay it in some citrus acid or clean it anyway.

20:29: oh late, again... Just wanted to order the journal bible quickly...

Then now bedtime and no excuse!!


Written by Plesi`

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