May 12, 2020

Joined some Discords and Climbed a Hard Hill on a Bicycle

9:13 PM (of Wednesday, May 13th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, May 12th 2020, and I think I woke up at around 6 AM. I think that in the morning most of what I did was work on a video, and then I worked on spreading that video around. I recorded a video, put it up online, and then I posted it in a few Discord groups, and I joined some Discord groups to post that video. However most Discord groups have a rule against just randomly coming in and putting an advertisement or doing self-promotion, and I guess it's a common thing because I saw it happen live in one group and the guy got banned.

The problem with most Discord groups is the ban. You have to be careful not to offend the admins of a group, or else they get really mad and just ban you. I don't even know what I do most of the time, but if I just type in like one sentence, not even meant to be offensive, people get soooooooo angry!!!! Well actually it wasn't bad today, the next day was when it was the worst, and a bunch of people plied on. I'll write about that story in tomorrow's entry.

Today though, I just said something like "yeah the only reason I joined is to share my video", which should not have been what I said, I meant to have said "the main reason I joined was to share my video" not the only reason. Anyway when I said that, oooooooh boy. No take backs on that. I almost got banned a right then and there. I upset the mods after that and they were going crazy. Like what, I just said one neutral sentence by accident, and it almost drove someone insane. This isn't even the first server this has happened in. I should just not say anything 99% of the time because sometimes something they disagree with so much slips out and they rage. Anyway I just stopped replying or replied less because nothing I said would have appeased their anger.

So that was just one group, I joined another group and that one was a lot more populated. It also had the no randomly coming in and promoting yourself rule, so I could not do that. There was also so many people that even if I did post something in a channel, it would get pushed up instantly. So yeah I just chat in that group.

Then work started and I just worked on a single task the entire day. It took me the entire day to complete and I was so tired afterwards.

After work I went out cycling, unlike yesterday when I practiced a lot of bike handling, I wanted to travel further out. So that's what I did, I went to a new place I had never gone to before. I'd drove through all these places, but I never experienced what it was like being on the sidewalk and seeing all the sights that I would have missed just by driving by too fast. Yeah there were a lot of sights I could not have experienced simply because I drove by too quickly.

I cycled through the steepest hill I have encountered. It is so steep and it took me probably over 2 minutes to climb up. I cycled at the lowest gear on my bike and even that was hard. It was such a good experience though, I don't know if other people can do this hill. I really want to see other people try and see if they can just ride up it like I did. Most people stand on their bikes to climb up these steep hills,

I think it's due to my weight, but my power is high enough that I cycle through all hills while seated. I don't even know what it's like to struggle up a hill. I've seen thinner people struggle to climb up some small hills that I pretty much just coast through because from my window there's two hills lots of cyclists go through, everyone struggles at both of them and always do their standing thing to go up. I go through those hills all the time and it is so freaking easy.

So yeah I really want to see if other people can even do that hill i just did. That extremely, extremely steep hill that took me minutes to climb at the lowest gear! I don't know how cars can go through there. Do cars break down when trying to climb it? That was one of my thoughts as I went up. The hill actually is a dead end, you basically enter this one road and it's like you are at the top of a mountain, it just goes straight down to literally nowhere since the bottom is a dead end, no road or anything left. I had to break down halfway through to make sure I didn't crash into the bottom. there are some houses on the sides though and I just have to wonder, what do they do? Can they make it up this hill or does their car struggle too?

So to exit this area, you have to go through another hill. I encountered three cyclists walking their bikes up that hill since they couldn't cycle up it. This other hill was much much easier than the epic hill I described earlier, and yet people were still struggling. Actually this hill was pretty tough too, like it's up there in difficulty, but it's just nowhere near that other hill I mentioned.

Anyway after that I went home, and then I don't remember what I did afterwards, and then I went to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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