May 15, 2022

Chill Sunday

8:44 AM (of Monday, May 16th 2022)

Today is Sunday, May 15th 2022 and it was a chill day today. I mainly just remained at home, asking questions for DuckDuckGo's coin flip search to answer. I asked questions whether I should contact Wahl today or not, and whatever other questions for my activity for the day. I let those coin flips decide my day on what activities I should do today. If I had an idea of something to do, I would ask that question and do a coin flip, if it were heads I would do it, if it were tails then I wouldn't. I do this due to a bit of boredom and indecisiveness I guess, and I also wanted to let fate and luck decide my destiny.

One of the rules I put into the coin flips is that I ultimately make the choice whether to follow the result of the flip or not. So if anything the coin flip merely makes a suggestion and I can choose to act upon it based on my knowledge, instinct, and agreeableness at the time. If it were something that didn't matter either way, like should I wear a red or blue shirt today, then I likely would fully let the coin flip decide what I did.

I'm not sure how time just went by so easily, but I don't recall doing much really. The time just goes by insanely fast it seems no matter what I do. I did do some pretty big activities today, but still the time just went by super fast.

My dad and I met up with Anthony from Casa Vegana de la Comunidad and we met up at this place called Mü which is a vegan ice cream place here. Basically he told me what their operations and plans were and how things were going. I think he is an excellent person, easily one of the best people on the planet in my opinion. He is extremely hard working, diligent, resourceful, and a very kind person. Basically he wanted more donations which is fine, sure, I can do that.

If I were to make more money, I would mainly use that just for donating since I have nothing else to do with it and I do not need much money myself. Obviously I would not just give the money out for free, but I would donate it to organizations that I want to support and who's operations I agree with like Casa Vegana de la Comunidad. I wish I was not alone in donating to worthy causes, but most people are just barely getting by, and even if they weren't they spend their money on unnecessary things mainly for themselves.

I've read crazy stories of people gambling away lots of money. A lot of money, like over $100k, over $500k, of money on roulette or poker or baccarat and other gambling games. The craziest story is one person spending $10 million in a single night gambling and yeah losing it all obviously. These are just anonymous people on Reddit but it's interesting to read about. That money could have been put into much better use. Even if they spent it hedonistically on themselves, that would've probably been better than gambling it away. The best use was to have donated all of that to a worthy cause. All our money disappears when we die, ultimately it should be used for beneficial causes. While we are alive, to do as much good as possible, to do as little harm as possible, to choose not to have animals killed for us to be eaten by us.

Every penny we spend is also a vote on which industries we support and oppose. Boycotting works and choosing not to buy a product like tortured dead animals in freezers at the grocery store is a vote against that industry. I saw today that California was having some drought problems again. They apparently have millions of cows. I found out today that each cow drinks minimum 10 gallons to 40 or 50 gallons of water per day, depending on the temperature and if they're lactating. That is not including the water used for crops solely to feed them either. It is so stupid people complain about water shortage or things like that, when majority of our crops, land, and water is wasted on livestock we don't need to raise, force breed, kill, and eat. Here’s an idea geniuses, go vegan to tremendously reduce your crop, water, and land usage. Animal agriculture is the most destructive and most unnecessary industry on the planet.

I spend a lot of time browsing the internet and reading a lot of posts on reddit and Twitter and there are a lot of really stupid things I read online... Not only when it comes to veganism and animal agriculture, people’s ignorance there is immeasurable, but in many other topics too. I am surprised at times people don't see or realize things that are so obvious to me, but they are so clueless about it. I think I’ve just read so much content that I understand so much more than most people about most topics. I’ve read countless posts and things from pretty much every topic out there, I am hard pressed to find things I don’t know even a little about.

I know things in the different fields of pop culture, history, technology, people, psychology, money, social movements, different cultures, languages, art, physical fitness, health, food, agriculture, sports, paranormal, conspiracy theories, gaming, etc. These topics by themselves can be broken down to narrower topics. Like in pop culture I know about music, cartoons, celebrities, anime, viral posts, card games, movies, etc. I know the founding stories of big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Whole Foods, and lots of other ones, I’ve listened to 8+ hour long audio books on each (except Google and Youtube and Whole Foods). I’ve read an hour’s worth or longer biographies of people like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Confucius, Louis Pasteur, Muhammad Ali, and so on. Man there’s so many.

Like no topic ever catches me off guard. If people talk about things like Call of Duty or magic the gathering or Minecraft or whatever, I would know about it. Or if they put up a song or mention some movie, I would know about it probably. And this is pretty much every topic. I can go pretty deep into detail of a lot of stuff too. Obviously there’s stuff I don’t know about like who put Stonehenge together and why, what is the purpose of the statues on Easter island, and I don’t know much about the history of specific countries like Nepal (just that Siddhartha Gautama or the Buddha was born there), but I can explain how a plane or helicopter flies, how a car engine works, how a lithium-ion battery works, how computers operate (this is a very technical topic). I can talk about pretty much all professions and how people do their jobs and what their jobs are. And this is just scratching the surface of my knowledge. Omg it’s not even like 1% of what I know or whatever. Anytime anyone mentions any topic I just already know about it. I just read and encounter so much that I just know so much. Obviously I don’t know everything about everything, but I know a lot.

So yeah the gambling stories are some things that I’ve read, but there's way more, in lots more topics. Like basically everything. I’ve read and learned so much that it’s just unbelievable. I think my area of knowledge is just exceptionally wide. Today I saw some drama tweets and I fully understood what they were about, there was no mystery to me. I was not involved in the drama at all, but yeah I just instantly got the situation. When I read the comments it was a lot of people being confused and angry. I was so confused as to why some people were asking certain questions when the answers were so obvious. It’s because they didn’t know the answers to those questions, but they were super obvious to me. They were open ended hard questions but the answers were still apparent to me. Here’s a hard question: What can I do with the knowledge that I have? Oh, the answers just came to me the instant I asked that question. Anything. I have limitless possibilities and potential, but nothing is guaranteed and everything takes effort. What do I want? That’s a harder question to answer. Oh, the answers already came to me anyway.

The rest of the day I just did random stuff at home. I probably watched some anime. I read some news. Oh yeah my dad and I went to Wal-Mart and got some more fruits and some almond milk. I’m fasting again starting Tuesday so I didn’t buy much. I don't remember much else.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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