May 13, 2020

AP anxiety (Habitica challenge)

I only spent time today reviewing for my physics AP exam tomorrow. I’m really nervous for it; I don’t think I’m well prepared. I did a few practice FRQs today, and it was basically 50/50. For half of them, I did really well and got everything correct. For the other half, I didn’t really know what to do for some of the questions, got it wrong, or didn’t explain well enough, which would lead to me only getting half the points or less. I’m hoping that the FRQ I get tomorrow is one I’m able to do...

As for APUSH, I’m still extremely unprepared. I’m not going to review for that until I’m done taking the physics test. I need to review the content from time periods 2-7, how to write a DBQ, and maybe practice writing one. I don’t think I’ll get a 5 for APUSH or write a good essay, but I’m hoping to write a good enough essay to get maybe a 4, at least a 3.

English I feel a bit better about. But that depends if I’m able to understand the passage they get us. If I’m unable to decipher what it’s talking about (like when they use older English), I can’t really write a good essay.

I’m going to sleep earlier today and try to get a good amount of sleep. I’m planning on awaking up earlier (in the morning for once) and spend the morning and noon getting prepped for the test (the test is at 3 pm). I didn’t get much done for other things, so I’m checking into the tavern today so my dailies don’t hurt me.

Written by ducknut

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Posted On May 15, 2020

I hope you did well on your exams!

Posted On May 15, 2020

@JustMegawatt Thank you!! I think I did relatively well on my physics one, I know I got one part wrong, but majority of it’s seems correct. Fingers crossed that US history will go smoothly tomorrow! :-)

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